PUSH 101: Where can I use PUSH’s marketing tools?

There are so many different options when it comes to PUSH services. It might look like it’s all aimed at a particular style of artist but trust us, anyone can use PUSH. You don’t need to be creating music to check out the different features and how they can work for you. If you’re a content creator or a business, wanting to store all of your social media and store links under one roof, PUSH can help you.

🤔 What marketing tools does PUSH offer?


A Pre-save is only available to a track that hasn’t yet been released. It needs to have been sent to streaming stores but can’t have gone live yet. So, this is for all those tracks you’ve sent to stores ahead of their release day. You can create a Pre-save, which means your fans can save your music ahead of the drop day. The stores you can create this in are Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Once your fans Pre-save this, it will be found in their music library when it goes live. It’s great for you because you’re guaranteed listeners on release day, and it’s also great for your fans because when your release goes live, they won’t have to search for it.

Fan Link

This is a digital home for all of your links. Every single link you could imagine, in one place. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but seriously it’s a link to store all your links. You can customise your URL to make it unique. It might be that you choose to have the URL as your release title, so your fans can remember it easily. Or, if you’re an independent business, you might want to have the name of your brand at the end of your link. Within this link you can have your social media links, that way when your audience click on your Fan Link they can head to any of your social media accounts they prefer.

You can add your streaming platforms as an independent artist, so your fans can head straight to their preferred platform. This way no one has to search for your music within their chosen store. As a brand you can include a link to your website where your customers can purchase your products. Whatever it is you’re trying to promote, you can have it all under one Fan Link.

Content Unlock

This feature acts and a bonus for both you and your fans. You can set a list of actions for your fans to complete, it’s up to you have many they need to complete to unlock your secret content. Your fans will be given a link which has been customised by you, they’ll have to complete actions which could be to follow your Spotify and subscribe to your YouTube as an artist. Or if you’re a brand, you might want them to share your Facebook page and follow your Instagram. The choice is yours. You can add more than 2 actions for them to complete, and you can also give them a choice between many saying they have to do at least a certain few.

The reward they unlock could be a secret URL of a behind the scenes video from your tour, or a discount code to your store. It’s your choice how you reward your fans. As long as it’s digital, we’re here for it. Some people even use Content Unlocks as a way to grow their accounts. One artist has given the track away for free as a downloadable file as long as people subscribe to their YouTube. It’s proving really beneficial for them as their goal is to grow their YouTube account.

🤷 Where can I use PUSH marketing tools?

So, PUSH.fm is a tool for any creative. It doesn’t matter who you are and what industry you’re from. If you have something you need to be linked under one URL, we’re here to help. We offer both a free version and a premium version. Our premium version is £4.99/mo and offers unlimited content. These links can be placed into your bio across your social media channels which is super helpful because places like Instagram only allow one URL in your bio. Having a Fan Link gets round this as you have multiple links under just one URL.

Use your PUSH links across all of your promotion. Keep your branding consistent and share your links across all of your social media platforms. It makes it easy for your audience to locate your tracks quickly, and it means you don’t have to spend time promoting each store. They act as a way of promoting all of your accounts at once. Say your followers head there to find your Instagram name, they might also see you’re on Facebook and opt to like your page there too.

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