What is a Pre-save? The streaming equivalent of pre-ordering an album/single

You may have seen your favourite artists asking you to Pre-save their upcoming releases, but what exactly are they? And how valuable can they be to marketing your music?

A Pre-save is essentially a digital pre-order. In the same way that physical releases can be pre-ordered, listeners can digitally ‘pre-save’ new releases ahead of release day. On release day, the release will be automatically added to fans’ libraries ready to be streamed and shared.

🎵 Pre-saves are exclusively a music marketing tool, but are an exceptionally powerful one at that. Even before your release has dropped, you’ve locked in guaranteed listeners, boosted engagement and increased the impact of your release.
Stores increasingly look for releases with strong initial engagement to add to editorial playlists, and Pre-save campaigns are an essential tool to help you achieve this.

🎨 We’ve made it super simple to customise your Pre-save campaigns to suit your artist aesthetic and tone; you can use any image or GIF within your pre-save campaign along with custom descriptions and metadata of your choice.
You can also choose to promote a website or a release link after people have pre-saved your release. Maybe you want to say thank you by linking them to an unreleased track or exclusive show.

🎣 PUSH’s Pre-save campaigns also offer the option to ‘enable artist follow’. This means that when listeners pre-save your release, they will also automatically follow you when they do so. This is a win-win! You’ll rack up guaranteed listeners in time for release day whilst increasing your followers on stores. 

PUSH.fm currently offers Pre-saves for Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, with more stores in the pipeline. 

Using PUSH, you can make 1 active Pre-save totally free of charge. This increases to 5 when you link your RouteNote account 🤯. Premium users can release their full potential with an unlimited number of Pre-save campaigns!

Head over to PUSH.fm to make your free account and make your first Pre-save campaign now. If you’re struggling, check out our step-by-step How-To.

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