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Beginners guide to creating a GIF

GIFs are all over the internet. People use them as a fun way to interact with friends, to get their point across or just to share an engaging response. You can easily create your own, but many people don’t know…

Music production for beginners – what is a stem?

In the music creation world, you likely hear the word stems used quite a bit. It simply means small clips of a track, each individual element of a song. The drums, lyrics, guitar and melody are all stem examples. Stems…

Why does my Instagram reel video have no sound?

Occasionally, when you upload a video through Instagram, no audio attaches, despite the content having sound originally. This can ruin your reel, but don’t worry, we have answers. There are a few ways to fix broken audio on Instagram. However,… – free e-commerce platform to rival Gumroad

Both and Gumroad offer Pay Link tools, allowing you to sell your digital products hassle free. However, how do the two compare? We’ve dived deeper into our rivals at Gumroad, to see how we compare to the platform. Above…

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