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Handy tools you can utilise to grow your fan base and broaden your content’s reach.

Top 5 Podcast microphones in 2023

Wanting to start a Podcast? Or, perhaps you’re wanting to upgrade your current Podcast. Your microphone is possibly the most important tool you could have, so it’s worth investing in a good one. We’ve got the details on the top…

New start-up Frond – a Discord and Reddit hybrid

Frond is a new start-up company who have designed their platform as a place for various communities to link up. Rather than having a chat which is constantly moving and changing. Keep up with Frond’s chat threads. Frond is a…

Why Alt text is so important and how to use it

Alt text is a short description explaining the image or video in front of you. It allows the viewer to read what’s within the media if they cannot see the physical video or image. Alt text is displayed when the…

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