What is a Fan Link? Customisable all-in-one landing pages for content creators

As an independent artist or DIY content creator, the world of music and content marketing can seem complex and confusing. Find out exactly what Fan Links are and how they can benefit both you and your audience.

What is a Fan Link?

A Fan Link, also known as a ‘smart link‘, is a landing page that contains links to your content and/or social media, all wrapped up within one customisable URL. Sharing individual links to each platform is timely, ineffective and they can’t be tracked. Using a Fan Link allows you to direct your fans to your own hive of platforms from one page, all whilst collecting valuable fan insights.

🔗 Using PUSH.fm, you are not restrained to an inclusive list of platforms; you can host links to any number of platforms sites. And even better, you have free reign over the logos and text you use for each. 

🖼 Along with customisable URL tags, all text and imagery can be tailored to suit your needs. Why not upload a GIF as a header image to grab your audiences’ attention and increase engagement?

⏳ Fan Links are an incredibly convenient tool. They direct your fans to their favourite platforms or social media providers in a matter of seconds. This reduces the number of clicks and time needed to access your content; it makes it easy for both you and your audience.

📈 You’ll collect valuable insights each time your Fan Link is interacted with. Extensive analytics can help you analyse your global reach, fan engagement and can be used to evaluate and plan future marketing campaigns.

Who can use them?

These tools aren’t just suited to musicians, they can be used by a multitude of creators, including;

🎮 Streamers
🎨 Artists
🎧 Podcasters
📸 Photographers

📹 YouTubers
✨ Promotional channels
📑 Bloggers
🛍 Online shops

Anyone that has any creations to promote and market can utilise Fan Links to help push their content to the world! 

To get started and see what new levels your content can reach, head to PUSH.fm and follow the instructions to make your first Fan Link. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to easily make a Fan Link, see our How-To.

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