What is a Content Unlock? Reward your fans by unlocking content in exchange for their engagement and social interactions

Content Unlocks allow you to offer tasty rewards to fans in exchange for social actions such as streams, subscribes & follows. Due to being so versatile, they can be customised and personalised to suit any content creator’s fanbase.

The newest product in our troupe of tools is a Content Unlock. This super versatile tool allows fans to unlock a diverse range of content in exchange for specific actions on social media and streaming services. By incentivising social interactions, you can maximise your audience and fan engagement on your social media and streaming platforms.

🔓 Content Unlocks offer you to reward fans with either a downloadable file or a secret message. Offerings could take the form of MP3s, wallpapers, discount codes, private live streams and more. There’s no limit to what you decide to offer as a reward other than your plans’ generous storage amount; PUSH offers 1GB of total storage for free users and 50GB of total storage for premium users.

🍬 You can pick and choose which social interactions to want to offer in exchange for these rewards too. Do you want a certain number of social actions to be mandatory? Maybe you generously want to offer a gift to your followers without the need for any social interactions. your reward requirements can be tailored to suit you and your intentions.

🎨 Your ability to customise this tool doesn’t stop there. You can add your own eye catching feature image (JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG), inviting titles and descriptions, and custom URL ending. 

📊 Each Content Unlock brings its own valuable insights into your fans’ interactions. Use these to inform and tailor your future promotional campaigns, along with recognising and addressing any drop off.  

To grow your following and make your own Content Unlock, head to PUSH.fm and follow the instructions to make your first campaign. If you’re struggling, check out our step-by-step How To.

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