How to create a Reward Link

🎁 Reward Links are fully customisable campaigns that can be utilised by any kind of content creator to reach their marketing goals and grow their brand. They allow you to grow your following by offering rewards to your fans, in exchange for various different social actions. By giving your audience incentives, you can easily and legitimately grow your social following and engagement with your content.

In the following example I’ll be offering a free track download in exchange for 3 social actions:

1. Create, or log in to your account, and on the left-hand side, navigate to Create New Campaign and then select Reward Link.

Reward Link GIF

2. Choose what type of reward you want to offer your fans, either:
💾 A downloadable file – an audio file of a new single or album, image files such as wallpapers, or video trailers and more.
📒 A secret message – a discount code, a redeemable digital voucher code or a password to an unpublished website.
🔗 A secret link – a secret streaming link, exclusive event links or early merchandise drops etc.

Reward Link option selection GIF

3. On the next page you can either upload your downloadable files, enter your secret URL or type your secret message. All files and secret messages must adhere to our upload guidelines.

⚠Please note, any file names will be publicly visible so make sure to name your downloadable files sensibly!

Select files GIF

4. Once your files/secret message have been added, you can move onto customising your Reward Link. Strong titles and descriptions will encourage fan engagement, whilst eye-catching images will capture your fans’ attention.

🎆 You can also choose your own custom URL ending to help your campaign stand out.

Reward Link Basic Details GIF

5. Now it’s time to select which social actions you want your fans to complete to unlock your rewards; the more, the better! Feel free to re-order these social actions to suit the preferences of your fan base. Under the Add Links section, you can include any other links you’d like. These might be other social media accounts or a link to your music in stores to show fans what they can expect to hear from you.

🥅 Next, choose how many of these actions you want fans to complete and if you want any specific social actions to be compulsory. These will show up with an asterisk besides them on the landing page.

🆓 If you want fans to unlock your content without completing any social actions, simply set minimum required social actions to zero.

Reward Link select social actions GIF

6. Once you’ve decided on which social actions to offer and you’re happy with how your campaign looks, you can now give it a custom name (which will only be visible to you), upload your files and launch your campaign!

Review and launch Reward Link GIF

7. Once launched, your campaign will appear in your Product dashboard, along with an overview of social actions undertaken and downloads/unlocks. You can also view more in depth statistics and share it to Facebook and Twitter using the menu ‘⋮’ on the right.

🧪 Give your Reward Link a little test to make sure everything’s working. If you’re happy and everything is in working order, then you’re set!

Reward Link in action GIF

As a free user, you can create an unlimited amount of Reward Links, with a generous total storage of 1GB. Premium users can also create unlimited Reward Links, with up to 50GB of storage.

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