Podcasters, streamers, online shops; who can use Content Unlocks?

Content unlocks aren’t just for Christmas musicians. Their customisation abilities allow them to be tailored to meet any creator, musician or brand’s exact need.

Content Unlocks, also known as Social Unlocks, enable fans to unlock rewards in exchange for social actions. They can be tailored, personalised and adapted entirely to meet the needs of whoever is creating them.

🎨 Add your own feature image – make it reflect you visually. If you want a moving image you can add GIFs too!

Write your own descriptiontell your followers what to do whilst in-keeping with your brand’s tone of voice.

🏸 Pick social actionsselect which and how many social actions you want your fans to complete to unlock the bounty.

🎁 Choose the contentpick either a downloadable file or a secret message or link. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what content creator, brand or business you are, read on to find out how you can individualise and adapt Content Unlocks work best for you.

🎻 Musicians & labels

Exchange follows on Spotify and Subscribes on YouTube for an exclusive sneak peak of your new single or a ZIP file of your most recent album. If you want to offer something a bit different, you could:

  • Make a secret, live streamed gig that fans can access only after completing certain social actions.
  • Make a remix comp; give fans access to remix stems whenever they share your new release. Get then to hashtag their remixed creations and pick a winner at the end!

📻 Podcasters

Entice people into your podcast by offering free episodes in exchange for interaction on your show’s socials. You’ll boost your exposure on socials whilst prospective fans will get a free preview of your new offering. Win win!

🎮 Live streamers & YouTubers

Give your loyal followers a secret link to a private stream, or a link to an unreleased video in exchange for them subscribing to your YouTube channel. You can also use Content Unlocks to increase your exposure outside of your existing fanbase; offer taster videos or merchandise discount codes as rewards to attract new audiences in.

🛒 Online shops & sellers

Content Unlocks are perfect for exchanging social interactions for discount codes, redeemable voucher codes and links to secret new product drops! Discount codes are a great reward to offer as they further encourage interaction with your products which in turn, leads to more sales.

📚 Bloggers

Bloggers, try giving out secret links to exclusive content such as recipes, tutorials or collaborations (depending on your content) in exchange for social actions. Try setting ‘share’ as your required social action; this way you’ll maximise exposure of your brand all whilst offering fans your content for free.

& More

Along with Fan Links, Content Unlocks are one of our most versatile tools. There are endless ways that creators, brands and businesses can employ them in their marketing campaigns. As long as you have something to offer and socials to your name, then you’re set.

Using PUSH you can create 10 Content Unlocks totally free of charge with up to 1GB of total storage. Learn how to get started making your first Content Unlock here.

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