How to use your audience insights to inform your marketing & inspire your content choices


Audience insights are one of your biggest helps in marketing and promoting your content; you just need to know how to understand them, and what to do with them.

One of the fundamentals of marketing is understanding your audience. Creating content and writing posts without knowing your audience data is like shooting a target with a blindfold. Read on to find out how you can use that invaluable data in your marketing plans and content creation ideas.

📱 How do they access your content?

As mobile devices have increasingly become the go-to choice for accessing content, it’s important to pay close attention to how your audience is interacting with it.

At the very least, ensure your content is optimised to be viewed on mobiles and tablets. No one likes ill-formatted, inaccessable and difficult to read content.

If you find a large proportion of your audience are solely accessing your content on mobiles, it’s likely they’re doing so on-the-go. Consider publishing more quick and easy-to-digest content that these fans can easily ingest.

🌐 Where do they access your content?

Geographical insights are key to your marketing plan, and essential when creating targeted ads. If you’re a UK artist but 90% of your fan base are from India, it’s completely non-sensical to run an advert campaign exclusive to the UK.

Location statistics can also be used when deciding which countries/cities to visit when planning content tours;

🎸 Musicians – use your listeners’ top cities when booking gigs for your upcoming tour.
📸 Influencers – use your top countries/cities when deciding when to do meet and greets.
🛒 Online shops – use your top city when deciding where to locate your first pop-up shop.

⏲ How long do they access your content?

The time your fans spend ingesting your content is monumental to the type of posts you create. If the majority of your fans are only spending a couple of minutes watching your videos or reading your posts, make content to suit them.

As much as you want to publish 20 minute long videos or huge articles, you won’t be fulfilling the wants of your audience. Tailor the length and format of your content to suit the interaction style of your audience.

Remember, marketing your content and employing analytics in your promotional plans doesn’t have to be difficult. The more you do it, the easier you’ll find it and the better you’ll get to know your audience.

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