Top streaming platforms – chosen by audio reviewers

Multiple audio reviews have decided their favourite streaming platform based upon, the interface, sound quality, and overall user experience. These are people who know a lot about music and audio equipment, so it is interesting to see their preference on the different services.

Audio reviewers spend their time listening to music across multiple platforms. They hear the little things that many of us wouldn’t. Their job is to test different sound and equipment to see how they perform against each other. It’s really interesting to hear what their personal preferences are. Take away their job and it’s now about their own opinions. Of course, their work is largely based on their opinions on software and music etc. However, this is all about their opinion and nothing else.

It might help people out there struggling to pick a streaming store. We know that Spotify and Apple Music are often some of the top performers. Is that just because they’re easy to use for every day purposes though? Perhaps if you want to really listen to music then you should look elsewhere. Tidal is constantly getting metnioned through this video. It is arguably the most popular amoungst the reviewers. Not only do they mention the qualiy is better. They also mention the interface is user friendly and also more importantly, they’re known to pay artists better than other stores.

As an independent artist, this might be something that interests you. Why not support a store that is known for paying back to its artists? There are certainly pros and cons with all streaming stores. Unfortunately as mentioned in this video, streaming platforms will never pay as well as other forms of music purchasing. Buying a physical copy of the album will always allow the artist to be better off. However, these days we do live in a world of convenience. While that might not be to everyone’s cup of tea, it is the way things are. Therefore, it’s about finding the streaming store that ticks all of your boxes, as an artist or a listener.

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