Spotify’s podcasts are more popular with US listeners than Apple’s

Spotify have released information that shows they’re far more popular with US listeners than Apple’s podcasts. It now sits at the top spot, being the number 1 podcast service within America. This was their aim earlier this year, and they’ve achieved it sooner than they thought.

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Spotify takeover

Information released by eMarketer has shown that Spotify and Apple’s podcasts have been battling it out to win the hearts of US listeners. For a long period they were joint in terms of listeners. However, Spotify were predicted to reach 28.2 million listeners on their podcasts alone, whereas Apple were only looking to hit 28.0 million. Spotify are looking to continue with their rapid growth. It’s been suggested that they’ll reach 43.6 million podcast listeners in the US alone by 2025.

Considering Spotify only branched out into podcasts 3 years ago, they’ve grown massively. If they continue to expand at this rate, they’ll secure top spot for good. Although we can’t see Apple allowing this. Surely we’ll see a huge increase on their podcasts shortly. After all, the pair have always been the closest rivals, competing with each other.

Spotify need to be careful not to drop the ball though. It looks like their recent takeover could be down to Apple changing its platform. We’re all very much stick to what we know characters aren’t we? It’s the way humans work. Apple had a revamp of their podcast app and people didn’t like it. Creators and users complained about multiple bugs, errors and the interface updates being confusing. Although Apple has been working hard to resolve these issues, it will take some time to recover from this set back. Many of their users and contributors may have already taken their business elsewhere.

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