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Hype Deck – a new Amazon Music for Artists promotional tool

Amazon Music for Artists have introduced a new promotional tool. Allowing music artists to stand out from their competition. Hype Deck could change the music game. Amazon Music for Artists is unveiling a powerful new tool tailored for musicians. Known…

Spotify Sound Town – everything you need to know

Spotify Sound Town - everything you need to know

Spotify have matched their listeners to specific towns across the world based upon their listening habits. This is part of their 2023 Wrapped experience. You can see how your music taste lines up with others worldwide. As part of Spotify’s…

Playables – YouTube’s new mini-games

YouTube are introducing mini-games for their paid subscribers. The platform will be offering access to 37 different games to choose from. All from the mobile or desktop app. YouTube was once the only website of its kind. It had no…

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