Fan Links – the must-have for independent artists

It’s the link of all links. The digital home for all your streaming platform URLs. A great way to have every link you need, in one place. As an independent artist you already have enough work on your hands, so setting up a Fan Link will make that much easier.

PUSH Fan Link Fan Link

⭐ What is a Fan Link?

Also known as a Smart Link, it’s a digital housing system for all of your store links. Instead of your fans having to locate your release within their preferred streaming store, they can instead head to your Fan Link and find the store they want at the click of a button. It makes the process easier for you and your fans. You can locate all your store links and put them into one place, so you don’t need to promote each one separately. Also, it means your fans know exactly where to look.


Our Fan Links are completely customisable. Meaning, you can ensure it fits with your artist brand. You can add your own custom image; we’d usually advice using your release image so your audience know they’ve got the right link. It helps with consistency, especially if you’re promoting your release artwork across social media platforms.

We have no limit on how many links you can add into one URL. Some of our competitors only allow a certain amount of links within their free version. Here at PUSH, we want to ensure you get the most out of your release, without asking you to spend money. Not only do we offer unlimited store links, we also allow you to include your social media accounts and also your website if you have one. This is another way we stand out from our competition as in recent studies we have found that others only include social media platforms to premium accounts. With premium accounts, can come premium pricing.

If you did want to upgrade to get even more, we believe in value for money. This is why we have set our paid version at £4.99/mo, so you again get more for less.

PUSH pricing plan

🌟 Why are Fan Links so important for independent artists?

As an independent artist, a lot of the time you do most of the work yourself, right? Fan Links are an easy way to release some of this pressure. It also makes your work look neat and tidy because everything is in one convenient place. There’s no need to send your fans their preferred store link because they can easily locate this themselves through your Fan Link.

Fan Links help increase your artist branding. If you want your artist name to be remembered, then you need to stand out. Of course, your music will play a part in this but so will your branding. If it’s memorable, people will talk about it. Consistency is key to success. This is why we feel it’s important to customise your Fan Links to suit you as an artist.

Having a unique URL can set you apart from others. Often when streaming stores give you a URL, they’re really long and not catchy at all. Creating your own Fan Link means you can choose a customised URL. You might choose to include your release title, your artist name, or both. It’s completely your choice. With a personalised URL, your fans are much more likely to remember it. Also, if you stick to a theme, for example your release titles, then by the next release day, your fans will know the drill. They’ll probably be able to guess your URL without you even telling them.

A Fan Link can be shared everywhere you could imagine. Social media platforms often only allow one URL per bio. This makes it difficult for independent artists to promote themselves across all streaming sites. Having a Fan Link means you only need to put one URL in your bio and your followers can access all the information they need from there. It acts as a good way to promote your social media accounts also. If someone has found you through Instagram, it would be great if they could easily head over to Facebook and follow your work there without having to search through a list of artists to find you.

🤷 Still unsure?

Give it a try and see how it works for you. We guarantee it will make everything run like clockwork. We’ve found that often, one of the most frustrating parts of a new release, is locating the store links. While we can’t unfortunately take that part away from you, we can make it more streamlined. Once you have located your links, put them into a Fan Link and let that do all the work for you.

They’re really easy to set up, so it won’t take much time out of your release schedule. You can view your analytics and measure for yourself just how beneficial they are. It will make promotion as an independent artist run a lot smoother.

Learn more about Fan Links and how they might be able to help you, here 👇

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