Content Unlocks – a simple way to keep you and your fans happy

Everyone’s a winner with a Content Unlock. Your fans can have access to more exclusive content, and you get to set the rules. It’s basically a gift for all parties. Why wouldn’t you want to do it?

PUSH fm Content Unlock

Content Unlocks provide your fans with a list of tasks to complete in order to unlock a secret feature. This could be for anything. Don’t just think music. You could use a Content Unlock for your fashion store, encouraging your target market to follow your social media accounts to receive a discount code at the end.

You may decide you want to use a Content Unlock for your new release. If so, it might be the case that you want your fans to follow your Spotify artist page and boost your socials. To do this, you would create a Content Unlock and specify that in order to unlock a secret track or another cool feature, they would need to complete the list of requests provided.


They can have as many or as little requirements as you decide. You might give your fans the option between two different things; for example, follow either my Facebook or Instagram page to unlock a secret download. You could also have them follow all of your social and streaming platforms, including subscribing to your YouTube channel. It really is up to you.

Vexento Content Unlock

Here’s an example of a Content Unlock with a whole heap of options. Don’t let this put you off though, if you take a look, they aren’t asking you to complete all of it. These Content Unlocks can work really well because you aren’t then asking your fans to sign up to lots of extra sites that they don’t currently use.

This one asks for 3 actions to be completed out of this entire list, meaning if you don’t have Apple Music or Twitter, you could share it on Facebook, save it on Spotify and subscribe to them on YouTube. It’s quite likely your followers will have at least 3 of these that they can complete. Which is why if you are going to ask them to do multiple actions, it might be a good idea to give them some choice.

Content Unlocks benefit you and your fans. Check out our previous blog posts for more in depth information about what you can use them for and how you can customise them to suit you. Giving back to your fans will always make them feel important, which is great for your artist brand. Happy fans are loyal fans. Also, it helps you out by having your music shared or increasing your following. As mentioned previously, they can be used for anything. You don’t need to be creating music to give this a go. It’s a fun interaction opportunity for all artists.

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