How do Content Unlocks work? Exclusive rewards, unlockable content and secret messages explained

Content Unlocks allow you to easily reward your fans for their support and engagement. Use them to grow your social following or instead offer your existing fans exclusive rewards.

🔐 Content Unlocks trade social and streaming interactions for exclusive rewards and secret content. They are sometimes referred to as ‘social unlocks’ or ‘download gateways’ depending on the company offering them. Content Unlocks allow you to decide exactly which and how many social actions need to be fulfilled. It’s also up to you to decide on the type of content that will be unlocked. You can either offer a reward in the form of a downloadable file or a secret message.

🎁 You have control over whether social interactions are mandatory or fans can pick and choose which actions they take. You might be feeling generous and give away some exclusive content or a secret message for no social actions at all.

💻 Content Unlocks are shared via a short URL. You can share this URL with your fans in any way you please; on your social media, in an email, in a story etc. Fans who click on this URL will navigate to a customisable landing page. This page contains a tailored title and description, along with a button stating either ‘download file’ or ‘unlock content’, depending on the reward.

🖱 Once clicked on, the social actions will appear. Any required social actions will appear with an asterisk next to them. Once all required social actions have been completed, the buttons will appear with a little tick next to them and a ‘download file’ or ‘unlock content’ button will appear. Once clicked, a download will start with the reward or a secret message will be unveiled! Please note, there is no limit to how many times a file can be downloaded. 

💸 Content Unlocks are available to all for free. As a free user you will have access to up to 10 Content Unlocks with a generous total storage of 1GB. Our premium users get unlimited Content Unlocks and a whopping 50GB of total storage.

❓ To find out how to build your own Content Unlock and start rewarding your fans, check out our How To.

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