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When it comes to marketing your content or brand, it can be really hard work. Where do you find the tools you need? How much is it going to cost you? Do you really need all the extras you’re being sold? This can be really daunting, especially if you’re new to the industry. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! With you can get all the easy-to-use tools, at no cost!

Marketing your business seems like a massive task. It can be tricky, but it all depends on how you go about it. Rather than spreading yourself and your time too thinly. You can instead take the pressure away and perfect your marketing first time. Get off to a strong start. The quicker you get started, the easier it becomes to fit into your routine. There’s no need to stress yourself over doing it all by yourself. If you have multiple social channels to promote, just share one link containing them all. Likewise, if you’re planning an event, place all details under one easy to access URL.

Having everything in one place not only benefits you, but also, your audience. They have all tools they need at an easy reach, and you don’t have to promote each one. You can use‘s marketing tools to grow your audience and take your business to a new level. They’re completely free promotional tools. Adding in your own logos, descriptions, and URL titles means you can edit our links to be completely unique to you. This will help enhance your personal or brand image. Having strong branding leads to more people remembering who you are. marketing tools

So, what do we offer? With PUSH, we’re always evolving and updating our current features, while also adding new ones. We ensure our tools can compete with our competition. It’s important for us to try and stay one step ahead, which is why we take our user feedback really seriously. We love hearing from you all, so please feel free to get in touch at any point and let us know your thoughts. If there’s anything you feel we’re missing or an area that is lacking, please voice it to us, because the likelihood is, if we haven’t already considered it, then we will do our best to look into our options.

Smart Links

We have multiple template options for our Smart Links feature. Allowing you to create unique URLs for any business, or individual. No matter what your niche, you can create something that represents you and your brand. Whether you’re looking for an Event Link, Fan Link, Bio Link or something completely unique and therefore choose our Custom Link option. There will always be something for you. You can compile every link you want to share with your audience under one URL. This URL can be named after your brand or company, so anyone clicking on it knows what they’ll find.

You can update these links at any time. So, if something changes, you can head into your account and edit your URL. Add in your socials, website and contact information. Include your logos and business promotional photos. This way, instead of promoting all your links separately, you can instead share one link over and over again knowing your audience can access everything they may need in one place. With these links are completely free. You can create as many as you like and there are no limits on how often they can be updated.

Reward Links

Another feature PUSH have to offer is Reward Links. This tool is also free for all users. With Reward Links, you can create incentives for your audience and new potential clients. They have the chance to be rewarded for their interaction. You set the rules, they complete the required actions, and then they’re rewarded for it. How does it work? So, you create a Reward Link, stating what you want from people visiting the link. You might want to grow your socials. If that’s the case, set the rules, so people must follow you on at least one of your social accounts. Or, perhaps you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

If you do, set the rule that they must subscribe to receive a reward. What are the rewards? It could be anything you like within theory. Anything you can digitally reward them with, you can offer. For example, maybe you want to give them a discount code to your website. Or, perhaps you want them to be able to download secret content that no one else can access. Whatever it is, make sure it’s worthwhile, so your audience are being rewarded for their efforts. Reward Links are a great way to grow your audience because people love to receive something for their work.


Our Pre-saves apply to those within the music industry. Artists are able to set up their music to be saved ahead of its release day. That way, when your music goes live within streaming stores, your audience have access immediately. They don’t have to search for your content within stores, they can just head to their library and find your tracks ready to listen to. It cuts out the work for them having to search in their preferred store. Instead, they can spend more time streaming your work.

Not only does it help them, but also you. You are able to share where your tracks will appear within various stores. Meaning, you can promote just one link instead of several store links. With PUSH, your Pre-save can turn into a Fan Link automatically once your music has gone live. Cutting out even more of the stress and work for you as an artist because your fans are able to access the links they need. It will boost your chances of your content making it to editorial playlists because your music will be favoured by streaming stores as you have saves from the time it’s released.

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