PUSH 101: How does a Reward Link work?

Reward Links are great for everyone involved. The creator setting one up will benefit from follows, streams, subscribers etc. While the audience will complete set tasks and then access free digital rewards.

How does a Reward Link work?

Anyone can set up a Reward Link – if you want to grow your online presence, a Reward Link could be exactly what you need. They’re a free tool through PUSH.fm which allow you to set tasks which your audience need to complete. This is where you grow your accounts because you place your social media, streaming platforms or YouTube channels within your Reward Link. People then viewing your link will be prompted to follow, listen or subscribe depending on the platform selected.

You set how many tasks must be completed. It might be you want people to follow you on Instagram more than any other account, however you’d like to grow all of your socials. If this is the case, you’d make following you on Instagram a compulsory task. Then you’d input your other social accounts, and state they must complete one other. This way, you’re guaranteed an Instagram follow and also a follow for at least one of your other social accounts. You get to call the shots, and if people want the free reward, they’ll complete the tasks.

Various reward options

Once the tasks have been completed, your audience will be able to collect their reward. These rewards come in different forms. Downloadable files, secret messages, or a secret URL. Within these categories you can cover so many bases. You could include a never heard before song, or a discount code to your merchandise. It might be some artwork or a behind the scenes video from your event. You can decide what you want to reward your fans with. Some users create Reward Links that allow people to download their song for free if they subscribe to their YouTube account.

The way you design your Reward Link is your choice. A Reward Link is very simple. You get to grow as a creator, and your audience get to access hidden content or files. Everyone’s a winner. While you can add as many tasks as you want to, we’d recommend not having too many compulsory ones. For example, asking someone to follow you on at least one streaming platform is fine, but asking them to follow you on all seems excessive. Not many people have personal accounts on each music platform. Once someone has completed the tasks required, they can access the reward immediately. That’s why they’re such a perk. Check out our example at the start of the page to see the steps you have to follow.

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