Linkinbio landing page – how can you customise it?

A linkinbio landing page should speak for you. Whether it’s representing your brand, business or you as an individual – it should show what you can offer. They can be customised to match your aesthetic. From your artwork to the logo choice, each decision is yours.

What is a linkinbio landing page?

A linkinbio is a type of Smart URL – this allows you to place multiple links under one. You may be thinking, why is this important? Well, social media platforms only allow one link within each bio. Creating a Bio Link allows you to bypass this rule. You’re still placing one URL in your bio, however, you now have multiple links underneath this. You can add any platform you wish. These could be social media accounts, websites, streaming platforms – there’s no limit on how many you include.

If you’re including your own websites, you will need to add a logo image. As for social platforms and well known sites, our website has these logos stored. You can however change these. If you have a distinctive style, you might want to manipulate Instagram’s logo to match your vibe. Simply remove the auto added icon and upload your own version of the logo. You get to decide what call-to-action button you include. Choose your own text, or select from the ones we’ve already included such as; Follow, Shop, Listen.

There’s the option to add a description which lets anyone clicking your linkinbio exactly what to expect. You can tell them about your brand or business, or just thank them for stopping by. Adding some personality to your linkinbio might encourage people to take a look at your links. Your landing page will speak for you. The landing page is simply the view that appears when people click your URL. This is where they land. It will hold all your links, and from there, everyone will be able to see what options they have.

It’s where they’ll see your description, social media pages and websites. They show viewers about your brand. Your artwork choice will determine how your background appears because your background image is a blurred version. This is why it’s important when selecting your artwork to consider your background and how it will appear. Your landing page is the first thing anyone will see when following your linkinbio, so it’s important you make it look great. No two landing pages look the same, this is because everyone uses them to show their own style.

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