Boost sales with a Bio Link for TikTok and Instagram

Link in bios have become really popular ways of promoting your service. They are the first thing people see when viewing your social platforms. Placing your store link within your bio will help drive sales. But, what if you need other services there too? Instagram and TikTok both only allow one URL per bio.

A Bio Link is simply a URL you have created to be placed within your social media bios. This consists of multiple links you want to add to one place. You can combine all the relevant links so anyone accessing your Bio Link can see everything. Any store link, social media account, website or other URL can be placed under one umbrella. It means your followers and potential followers can see everything they need to without having to search for it. These are really handy as they provide information on your behalf. You won’t have followers messaging you asking for your store link, or a URL to access your other social media accounts.

It allows your audience to be self-sufficient, which saves both you and themselves time. They don’t need to reach out to you, and you don’t need to source the relevant link to provide them. These are particularly helpful if you’re a brand or business with a product or service to sell. Allow your URL to speak for itself. Then, you only need to promote one link, rather than several. It saves you time in the long run. Meaning, you can focus on other things. Also, it means your followers can share this link with their followers and so on. It makes things easier and cleaner. Everything you need under one URL.

The best part is, they can be customised. You can add your own artwork, a description if you wish and even change the URL. Add all the store links you want included. If at any point you want to change them, or turn certain stores off, you can go back in and edit your Bio Link. Name your URL after your business or brand. Then anyone visiting your social media bios will know exactly what the link is about rather than just being presented with a link full of letters. With PUSH Bio Links are unlimited and free. It seems crazy not to try them out for yourself. You’re far more likely to grow by using them, because everything is so convenient for your followers.

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