How many links can you include in a Fan Link

Music artists use Fan Links to market their tracks. They’re a type of Smart Link, designed to hold multiple links under one URL. These links can be customised to represent the artist. With they’re completely free.

We’ve included an example of a Fan Link above. If you’ve seen our recent blog post you might have spotted a theme when it comes to our examples. As many PUSH related songs used as possible. If you follow us on social media send us some suggestions before we run out… Anyway, if you didn’t already know what a Fan Link is – it’s a smart URL containing multiple links. It allows you to market your music without having to promote each link individually. You can customise your links to represent who you are as an artist. This includes artwork, store logos and a description. Make them your own and allow yourself to stand out.

How many links can you put into a Fan Link?

With PUSH, you can create as many Smart Links as you like. We have no limit and our tools are free. There are two versions of PUSH. A free account or our Premium version. Both allow you to create an unlimited amount of Fan Links. So, if you’re a new artist, don’t worry you don’t need to spend money on our marketing tools. We want all artists to be able to access the tools they need to grow their audience. Our aim is to see all of our users succeed with their work.

When creating a Fan Link, you’ll be asked to supply a URL. This is so our auto-lookup tool can find all stores where your music is available. For example, you’ll input your Spotify link to your track, and our system will find your music on Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc. You can turn stores on or off. Your music might be on a store but you don’t want it included within your link. That’s fine, you can simply toggle it off so it’s no longer on your Fan Link. These can be altered at any time, so you aren’t stuck with all stores on or off.

PUSH is unlimited

Another way of adding links, is manually adding them. If our auto-lookup tool has missed a store, or if you want to add your social media links you can do this yourself. We do have stores like Instagram, Facebook etc as suggestions on our link page. They’re in our system and you’ll only need to add in your direct page link. However, if you have a website, or there’s a store you want to add that our system doesn’t know – you can add your own custom links to your Fan Link.

The amount of links you add under your URL is unlimited. You can include as many links as you like in one place. This means you can include every store link and all your social media accounts. You can add YouTube music videos, or even links to your merchandise. On both our free and Premium versions you have access to unlimited links. All artists can therefore use PUSH to expand their audience and grow a bigger following.

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