“PUSH has helped me tap into my audience in a well detailed and simplified manner” – interview with independent artist and fashion stylist, Inart

We love hearing how our users benefit from the products we offer at PUSH. Whether you’re new to your industry, or have years of experience, you can use PUSH.fm’s products to further your career. Marketing yourself can be one of the most difficult parts of being an independent creator. Where do you start? What tools should you use? With PUSH, there’s no catch. We simply want to offer high quality marketing products for little to no cost.

Recently, we were able to talk with Inart. A creative who is active within multiple industries. Both a music artist, and also a fashion stylist. Balancing both of these careers is double the amount of work. It becomes more than a job. Instead, it’s a lifestyle. You’re constantly working to get new tracks or clothing out. The marketing for this must be crazy. Which, is why, we’re glad Inart chose PUSH. Read what they have to say below!


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How would you describe what you do in one sentence?

Inart is an alternative Hip-hop artist, entrepreneur and Urban fashion stylist that combines Afrobeats, Hip-hop music and Urban fashion to represent art.

What’s been your most exciting project to date?

My most exciting project to date would be my personal debut project “Meraki”. Mostly because it’s an extended playlist of songs that tell my real life stories in real time as they happened to me, basically my biography.

What would you say is the biggest struggle you face as an independent creator?

As an independent creator, managing projects by myself from start to finish takes a heavy toll on me. As a music artist, there are multiple stages that are necessary to go through to deliver a song to the public.

From the song idea, the engineering of the song, the distribution of the song before the eventual release of the song and finally down to marketing the final product. It’s always a struggle when one person has to take on so much and must do it effectively, so my biggest struggle would be management. 

How has PUSH helped you as an independent creator?

As an independent creator PUSH has helped me tap into my audience in a well detailed and simplified manner of data organisation. My most used feature would be campaign performance and Smart Link performance which let’s me know how my release is doing and the direction of my traffic.

What PUSH tool or feature would you most likely recommend to other independent creators and why? 

I would totally recommend the smart-link visit charts and the smart-link conversion charts. It really helps you monitor the progress of your campaigns.

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A big thank you from us at PUSH for being part of this interview. We love to hear what our users are getting up to within their industries. Learning and sharing is important within any creative field. That’s why we do our best to regularly share advice or tips from not just us, but creators too. Our interviews began as a way for us to share your work. We want to promote what you’re all doing. It’s important to us to help our users where we can and this is why PUSH will always offer an in depth free plan!

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