How to change the content that appears on your TikTok For You Page (FYP)

There are multiple ways you can alter the content that pops up on your FYP when scrolling through TikTok. One being, by watching only the content you’re interested in. However, there are other ways to streamline the type of content you see, and more importantly, what you don’t.

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How does TikTok’s For You Page work?

TikTok bases the videos it shares with you upon an algorithm. This is based upon a few things; content you’ve watched before, people you follow, content you first watched. There are so many elements that make up your FYP and the type of content suggested to you that it can be tricky to get your head around it, and more importantly, how to alter it.

You might question why certain content is even heading your way. It might seem completely unrelated to anything you watch. However, it will link back somewhere. Maybe not recently, but it could link with something you watched when your account was first created. Or, people who like the same type of content as you may also have another hobby or interest.

TikTok uses so many methods to find content for you to watch. After all, if they based it all upon a few recent videos you’ve watched, you’d be seeing constant repeats, or running out of content to watch all together. We all have a niche, even if we don’t realise it. Some find videos comforting and seek them. While, others prefer to watch debates and discussions on the platform.

You might not even know your niche. However, there will be content you reach for more than other content. The types of videos you watch and the people you follow make a huge difference. So, don’t go watching videos that anger you just to be triggered. You’ll end up with more and more of it appearing across your FYP. But, equally, if you are starting to see things that don’t interest you, there are things you can do to reset your For You Page.

Why do I see content I have no interest in on my For You Page?

We’ve touched on this previously, but there are a few reasons this can happen. Your For You Page on TikTok is supposed to be somewhere you can find new interests, hobbies or like-minded people. Whether it’s finding people within the comments that agree with your opinions, or finding content creators that you can relate to.

The clue is in the name, it’s designed with you in mind. However, this isn’t always the case. It will be based upon your actions, however. If you’re seeing content you’re not interested in, you can let the platform know. That way, the algorithm will know that type of content isn’t your thing. After all, the algorithm takes your interests and continues to expand from there.

So, what is causing you to see content you’re not interested in on TikTok?

1. Early interaction

This relates to content you have watched previously. However, specifically the content you watched when you first created your account. Now, you might be thinking “I’ve had my account for years” and while that may be the case, you have to remember the algorithm is a computer based feature. Computers don’t forget anything, even if you have…

It might have been videos you watched because you hadn’t yet discovered your niche. Or, you might have had a limited selection when you first created your account. TikTok likes to push content based upon your interests, and when you’re new to the app, your interest choices are so broad. Like beauty? Well, now you like videos of everything from catwalks, complete makeovers, nails, hair, influencers etc. When, in reality, you might just enjoy watching people apply makeup.

But, the more of it you watch, the more that will appear. TikTok’s algorithm continues to spread. While you might start out with something specific, the further along you go, the more this idea will expand into other things. It started with beauty, but now you’re onto airline videos. Why? Because you ended up on a video of an air hostess telling you how she applies makeup for her shift. Now, you’re clearly someone who enjoys aeroplanes…

The same goes for creator’s you interacted with to begin with. Maybe you didn’t enjoy the first suggestions presented to you when creating your account. But, if you stuck around to watch them, whether it be in disbelief, or in the hope the videos would get better, you’re now going to see things related to this creator pop up more often. It’s like a never ending timeline. It will all link back to something you once viewed or searched for. Even if you can’t figure out why.

2. Interacting with random TikTok videos

We’ve all done it, and if you claim you haven’t, well… you’re lying. All of us have watched content we have no interest in, or simply find bizarre. It sounds crazy, because why would you watch things you aren’t interested in, but it’s human nature. We can’t help ourselves. Maybe you’re watching a creator that gets on your nerves. While you might not like them, you can’t switch off because you’re in disbelief or need to know what they’re going to say.

Or, alternatively, have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole of content? It’s really easy to do on TikTok. You begin with a random suggestion of a video to watch and then realise you only know half of the story. So, you either click on the creator’s account to watch more of their videos and understand more. Or, you type the topic into the search bar and scroll through all videos relating to this subject.

TikTok will take this as you wanting to watch more videos like it because you’re interested in it. Even if you’re scrolling through a creator’s videos trying to find an answer to your question, or a particular video where they explain something relating to the video you saw on your FYP. Anything like this counts. TikTok’s algorithm will notice you’ve watched these videos and decide to push more content that’s relevant.

How can I reset the content on my FYP?

The good news is, you can reset your For You Page within TikTok. There are several ways you can then tailor your future page to suit you better. It’s a good idea for anyone to follow these steps. If you’ve found your FYP has become a little stale, or the content being pushed isn’t relevant to you in the way you’d like, reset your FYP and essentially start again.

Clear your TikTok cache

  • Open TikTok and head to your profile. You can get there by clicking your profile image in the bottom right corner.
  • Click the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose Settings and privacy.
  • Head down until you see Free up space.
  • Click Clear next to the Cache button, and it will reset.

This will then give you a clean account, which you can essentially start again with. You’ll still be following all the creators you previously have. Also, all notifications and DMs will remain in the same place. It isn’t clearing your whole account, just your FYP cache. TikTok is essentially removing all the niche information about your likes and dislikes.

Tell TikTok you’re not interested

Once you’ve cleared your cache, it’s important you begin with things you actually want to see. To do this, head to your For You Page and start letting the algorithm know you’re not interested in certain topics. You can do this by skipping the video. Don’t stick around to watch it, and TikTok will realise you’re not interested.

You can also click Not interested on any video you come across. Flagging a video as uninteresting is a strong method. It will tell TikTok you don’t want to see anything like this. Rather than skipping the video where you may have similar appear again at some point, marking it as uninteresting will tell the platform you don’t want to see it.

Unlike creators and previous videos

If in the past you’ve followed a creator who now has a new niche, and you’re no longer interested, you can simply unfollow them. Then, you’ll no longer see suggestions based upon their account or content. To unfollow accounts, you can simply head to your following section. You’ll see a list of everyone you follow. Simply click on the button to unfollow them.

From there, the best option is to head over to the accounts you do like and watch some of their videos. This will then tell TikTok you enjoy their content and would like to see more like it. You might then start to have similar creators filter through. Or, more content from the individuals you’ve chosen to watch.

To unlike videos you’ve previously interacted with, head to your profile. Then, click on the heart icon which can be found below your bio. Scroll through the videos that appear and unlike any that no longer appeal to you. Sometimes it’s easy to accidentally like a video, so we’d recommend going through this every month or so.

Leaving content in your liked section that is no longer interesting to you will alter the way the TikTok algorithm places content on your For You Page. It will think this content type is something you want to see, and despite skipping it or not paying it any attention, it will still appear. That’s because you’ve liked it and still do.

How to add to my For You Page on TikTok

Once you’ve started again, it’s important to flood your account with things you do like. Then TikTok will have so many options to choose from that it can’t really go wrong. The more you watch, the more it will collect data based upon these videos. You’ll eventually end up with a For You Page that interests you.

Use the search bar

If there’s a particular topic you want to see, type it into the search bar. From there you can find hashtags that relate to your niche, along with content itself. Scroll through the content relating to these topics, and watch the videos that seem appealing to you. The more you watch about one topic, the more TikTok will prioritise this.

Don’t just look for videos though. Search for hashtags relating to your topic choice. Click on the hashtags and take a look at other content within that field. Or, click on users who are associated to that topic. If you like them, give them a follow. Your FYP will then start to build itself up based upon things you actually want to see.

Rewatch TikTok videos

Don’t be afraid to rewatch a video. If it’s good, give it a second or third watch. Yes, you’re watching the same content again and again, but remember, TikTok videos aren’t typically very long. However, watching them more than once will solidify you interest in them. Keep them replaying, or just simply rewatch videos you’ve liked at some point.

The same goes for videos that are so good you have to share them. If you’ve shared them with a friend, watch them again. You’ll find more content appears on your FYP based upon what you choose to share. After all, if you’re sharing it, you probably really like or dislike the content. If it’s the second option, let the platform know by marking it as uninteresting. However, if you like it, give it a few watches!

The good thing about TikTok is, the content regularly changes. It’s not like Instagram where you only see the content of those you follow (unless you dive deep into the explore pages of course). The point of TikTok is to scroll through your For You Page for hours on end. The videos are short and sweet, so if you don’t like something, simply don’t watch it. Your page can be moulded to your likes and dislikes, you just need to make the changes.

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