Where to find trending content ideas on TikTok

To grow on TikTok you’ll want to be creating content that will find its way to the FYP (For You Page). You’re more likely to achieve this if you’re joining in with popular trends, but, how do you find them?

Where to find trending content ideas on TikTok. GIF of the TikTok FYP.

You need to be in it to win it. This goes for all scenarios but especially TikTok. If you want your account to grow, you need to be posting content you can ensure people want to see. Otherwise, you’re posting for no one other than yourself. While some TikTok users aren’t interested in views and just want to post for fun, others want to make a name for themselves.

It depends on which category you fall into whether you need to join in with the trends or not. If you’re someone who isn’t bothered and just likes messing around online, you won’t need to worry. However, for those looking to grow, you’ll need to make content with others in mind. If it’s trending, it’s popular. If you want your account to be popular, post what’s trending.

For You Page (FYP)

TikTok has a For You Page, the clue is in the same, it’s for you. This is the page that you first see when loading the app up. It’s the page that users spend hours aimlessly scrolling through. This is because the content selected to appear there has been chosen by the algorithm. These videos were selected based upon a users watching habits.

Popular content appears here. From your favourite creators, and creators you’ve never seen before. If it’s a trend floating around the platform, it will show up on your FYP at some point. No matter what your niche, TikTok will find a way of throwing in trending videos. Pay attention to the routines, and video styles that keep appearing because they’re the trends you need.

Trending hashtags

Another great way of discovering what to post is by looking through TikTok’s library of hashtags. The tags used most often will appear towards the top. TikTok allows you to search for trending hashtags also. To do this, simply head to the search bar within the app, and search. It will then pull up a list of the top hashtags at that time.

This is beneficial because it could spark ideas on content ideas. However, it isn’t directly telling you what to post. You still have your own ideas and can put your own twist on things. You’re simply being inspired rather than copying a dance routine or a trending idea you’ve seen time and time again. Hashtags will vary too which is why they’re so handy.

Trending sounds

Sounds are a brilliant way of getting your videos seen. When a song or sound goes viral on TikTok, everyone starts using it. Often you’ll see a variety of video ideas made to one select sound simply because it’s popular. Again, this is people putting their own twist on music. You can in theory put any content to a popular track.

You might find to certain tracks a dance routine has been created and people are copying it and reposting their attempts. However, you don’t have to stick with that theme. You could put the must to a tutorial, or add a voice-over and lower the volume of the track to secure more views on your video. There are many options with trending sounds.

Other creators

Follow as many creatives as you can. Both big and small. They’re your inspiration because they’re going to be doing the same thing as you – trying to make their content go viral. They’ll be looking at the FYP and trending sounds or hashtags. If you’ve missed something, perhaps they haven’t. It’s worthwhile following accounts similar to your own.

Those who are within your niche are worth following for obvious reasons, they’ll be posting similar content to you. However, don’t overlook creators from outside your world. They could have something different, a new twist you hadn’t thought of. Even if your content isn’t the same, they’re still fantastic for inspirational ideas.

These are just a few ways you can find inspiration for your next TikTok video. If you’re looking to create something that will go viral then these tips aren’t something you should overlook. Remember that inspiration can come from anywhere and trending topics are trending for a reason. What are they offering? Entertainment? Information? How can you use them?

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