Trending sounds – the MOST important tool on TikTok

If you’re wanting your TikTok account to grow, and for people to see your content, you NEED to use trending sounds. They’re the tool that can help your videos go viral. But, they’re constantly changing, so you need to keep up.

You’ll notice the sound choice above has 1 million followers. That’s a lot of people choosing to keep up with that sound. Therefore, that’s a lot of people who could potentially see the video. The quicker you get involved with a trending sound, the more likely your video will be viewed. This comes down to people keeping up with trends.

TikTok viewers want to see new and fresh content. When there’s a new sound trending, they’ll flick through the video options under that sound. If yours is uploaded quick enough, it will be one of the first viewed. Trying to get involved within the first few days a sound is popular is quite difficult but also super important. The longer you leave it, the more chance you have that people have moved on.

There’s not much point using a once trending sound when people are no longer viewing it. You might get a few views here and there, but it won’t take off like it could have in the beginning. Those who view popular sounds on TikTok will have the same trending sounds on repeat. Their FYP (For You Page) will be flooded with these popular choices. Meaning over and over they’ll see video content relating to them.

Make sure your video is on their FYP. Act fast, and you’ll be more likely to appear across the app. TikTok is constantly changing. Things move really fast. Something could be popular one day and gone the next. So, you need to be ready to record as soon as a sound peaks. Otherwise, you could completely miss out. Which means your channel won’t be able to grow. Sounds are arguably the most important tool on the platform.

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