YouTube hub created to help songwriters and producers grow

YouTube have created a hub feature designed for artists and producers. Within it are blog articles, and other resources which could help new artists level up their career. It’s not limited to artists with a certain following, so anyone can access the tools they need to expand their audience.

YouTube has created an artist’s resources website. This comes shortly after Spotify launching their In Focus career website. It seems YouTube weren’t willing to be left behind. However, could it be a case of Spotify spreading themselves too thin? After all, the streaming platform now have various websites aimed at helping artists expand, or providing them with insights into the platform’s revenue.

It seems YouTube want one website to hold all the power. So, they’ve created an artist hub. Within this you’ll find resources that could benefit all levels of songwriters and producers. Allowing creatives to learn as they go and expand their skill set. The website is being marketed as The Home For Songwriters On YouTube and will offer the latest news from within the industry. Each resource will be tailor-made for a specific type of creator. Hopefully, this will ensure everyone can find what they’re looking for.

“The hub provides the blueprint for songwriter, producer, mixer composer engineer to get started growing and maintaining their own digital discography on YouTube.”

Eric Knapp – YouTube’s manager of music publishing partnerships

There’s a songwriters tab. Within this there are multiple topics which go into great detail. Songwriters can select a topic they want or need to know more about and learn through the resources provided. There will be insider tips and content strategies within each section and this will allow songwriters to expand on what they already know, or polish off their marketing plans. You’ll also be able to learn about YouTube Shorts. There are articles showing you how to navigate your way around the platform.

On top of all of this, YouTube will be adding CREDITS. This is a monthly playlist series exploring various catalogues of big names. Quincy Jones, Nija Charles, Starrah and Tainy are just a few of these. It seems YouTube are throwing everything they have into making this platform the best possible place it could be and time will show how useful these tools are through the expansion of artists using it.

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