Spotify creates a career resource platform, In Focus

Spotify have introduced a new website called In Focus which is designed to help artists expand their career. The streaming platform has described it as “an artist manager in your pocket”. They aim to give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals.

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Spotify In Focus

In Focus is a new platform created by Spotify which aims to provide artists with various resources they need, as well as the guidance on how to use these effectively. Whether you’re an experienced artist, or just beginning in your journey, In Focus offers tools to suit. Their areas covered are; Create, Promote, Connect, Earn and Learn. Within these categories they’ll then break down further content from various subjects.

The topics covered are somewhat based upon questions Spotify have previously been asked on their socials. They’re then able to break down queries that might affect other artists too. Rather than being asked the same question multiple times, they answer it to begin with. They’ll be using the Spotify for Artists team, industry experts and well established artists to provide information and insights into the music industry.

Resources will be updated regularly, so no information is outdated. You can choose your own interests within the platform, so you won’t be overloaded with content that isn’t relevant to you. The idea is you tailor it to help you achieve your goals. A handful of topics covered will include; ways to create new revenue streams, growing your audience, improving songwriting skills and building your brand. By selecting one tab, you’ll be taken to a page that contains videos, articles, podcasts and tutorials. This is where you’ll be able to dive deeper into these categories.

“We get it, the music industry today is complex — requiring artists and their teams to take on more responsibility than ever before.”

Rob Fink, a senior brand marketing manager at Spotify for Artists

Artists tell Spotify what they want to learn

Spotify say they’re chatting with artists often about question and concerns they have. The music industry changes all the time, so whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who’s been creating music for a long time, there’s always something new. Ultimately for any artist, the goal is to earn money and make a living through your art. Of course, the creation part is rewarding, but without listeners and revenue, it can’t be more than a hobby. The platform want to take away the confusion and have a place where all questions can be answered.

Perhaps an interesting feature would be a community hub. Allowing experienced artists and newbies to connect and share experiences. Questions then could be resolved and explained by fellow creators. If a certain question receives enough attraction, Spotify could step in and create a section where these concerns could be addressed. It would act as a fantastic way for Spotify to keep on top of what artists want to learn. Spotify has multiple platforms now. From their For the Record to Spotify for Artists, Loud & Clear and now In Focus. It will be interesting to see how they link these all together in a convenient way, so artists can access everything without remembering multiple websites. Or, if they keep it all separate for other reasons.

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