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YouTube Shorts introduce AI-generated celebrity voice clones

YouTube Shorts introduce AI-generated celebrity voice clones

Despite controversy following AI cloning actors, and musicians, YouTube Shorts have now uploaded celebrity clones generated through the use of AI. Could this cause another Hollywood strike? Google have now announced their new AI model. They’re calling it the “most…

What does the Montana TikTok ban mean for creators?

Governor Greg Gianforte has signed a bill banning the use of TikTok within the state of Montana. This comes after fears of data breaches. TikTok are planning to fight this ban however. Greg Gianforte a Governor in Montana has signed…

YouTube Shorts are introducing revenue sharing

YouTube have announced they’re introducing revenue sharing for creators of YouTube Shorts. This will come into effect from February 1st. It will allow creators to earn money from adverts that are placed between their videos in the Shorts feed. YouTube…

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