Over 25% of YouTube Shorts creator partners monetise their videos

In an effort to outdo TikTok, YouTube Shorts have increased their monetising efforts. Now, over 25% of those on their creator partnership are earning.

YouTube is excited about the success of its short-form video platform called YouTube Shorts. Especially now that TikTok might be facing a ban in the U.S. On Thursday, YouTube announced that Shorts is doing really well for creators, with over 70 billion views every day.

Plus, more than 25% of the channels in YouTube’s Partner Program are making money through Shorts. That’s a huge amount of YouTube creators earning through their platform. Far more than a lot of social media platforms. It could pay to be on YouTube.

This news comes right after TikTok revealed that its creator fund, where creators earn money, has grown a lot in the last six months. TikTok has been working on this fund for a year now, and it’s now out of its testing phase. More and more creators will start to earn.

YouTube started letting Shorts creators make money in September 2022. Before, YouTubers had to meet certain requirements, like having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, to earn money. But now, Shorts creators need 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views.

These views must be on their Shorts within the past 90 days to qualify. Creators get 45% of the money from ads shown on their short videos. It still seems an imbalance, with YouTube reaping most of the reward from the creator’s hard work. However, it’s an improvement.

Now, this program is one year old. YouTube also says that most creators who make money from Shorts also earn money in other ways. This could be from ads on longer videos, fan donations, YouTube Premium, and more. So, making Shorts isn’t the only way to earn.

Overall, YouTube’s Partner Program has over 3 million creators worldwide and has paid out $70 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the last three years. YouTube proudly says that it’s paid out more money than any other platform for creators, a clear dig at TikTok.

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