YouTube Shorts are introducing revenue sharing

YouTube have announced they’re introducing revenue sharing for creators of YouTube Shorts. This will come into effect from February 1st. It will allow creators to earn money from adverts that are placed between their videos in the Shorts feed.

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YouTube have announced that revenue sharing will be rolled out for creators on February 1st. This will allow creatives to earn money from adverts which will be placed between their videos within the Shorts feed. The new payment plan will replace their current one. At the moment YouTube Shorts Fund is responsible for payments. Channel owners must follow the platform’s policies in order to have their content monetised.

Content creators must follow all community guidelines, copyright terms, terms of service and also be part of Google’s AdSense program. All monetising partners must accept the Shorts Monetisation Module to be eligible for revenue sharing. Once February 1st comes around, those who have accepted this will have revenue sharing applied from the date they accepted. This will only apply to eligible Shorts views.

Non-original content won’t be accepted under the monetisation rules. This includes any unedited clips from movies or television shows. You also cannot upload content which has been taken from other YouTube creators. This will not be eligible for monetisation as the original content does not belong to you. Any views which are deemed fake or artificial won’t be classed as legitimate. Therefore, using an automated click or scroll bot service won’t gain you revenue.

YouTube outline their revenue sharing steps

📌 Please note: These steps have been copied from YouTube themselves

  • Pool Shorts feed ad revenue: Each month, revenue from ads running between videos in the Shorts Feed gets added together and used to both reward creators and help cover costs of music licensing.
  • Calculate the creator pool: Shorts feed ad revenue is then allocated into the creator pool based on views and music usage across Shorts uploaded by monetizing creators.
  • If a monetizing creator uploads a Short without any music: All of the revenue associated with its views goes into the creator pool.
  • If a monetizing creator uploads a Short with music in it: YouTube will split the revenue associated with its views between the creator pool and music partners based on the number of tracks used. YouTube explained, “For example, if a monetizing creator uploads a Short with one track, one-half of the revenue associated with its views would be allocated to the creator pool, and the other half would be used to cover the costs of music licensing. If the Short features two music tracks, then one third of the revenue associated with its views would be allocated to the creator pool, with the other two-thirds used to cover the costs of music licensing.”
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The creator pool break down

Split between creators – the revenue from the creator’s pool. The amount they get will depend on the amount of views their videos have generated. This will allocate their revenue, and how much they get. Collected across each country will be Shorts monetisation pools. Creators will receive a percentage depending on their views.

When a creator has 5% of eligible Shorts views uploaded by monetising creators – they get 5% from the revenue pool. With 5% of their content eligible for advert monetisation – they’re entitled to a 5% split. Monetising creators get to keep 45% of their allocated revenue. Each monetising creator gets revenue even if their music is not chosen.

If you’re a monetising creator and upload a Short that uses one music track, YouTube would then calculate your revenue as follows:

“There are 100 million total Shorts views in country A, and all views are on Shorts uploaded by monetizing creators. $100,000 is earned from ads that play between Shorts in the Shorts feed. 20% of these Shorts use one music track, so the creator pool is $90,000, and $10,000 is used to cover the costs of music licensing. Your Short is viewed 1 million times, so you are allocated 1% of the creator pool, or $900. Your allocation from the creator pool is not affected by your use of a music track. The 45% revenue share is then applied to your allocation, and you earn $405 for your Shorts views in country A.”

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Not included in the creator’s pool

  • If revenue is associated with views of Shorts uploaded by creators who haven’t yet accepted the Shorts Monetisation Module – they won’t receive payment.
  • Likewise, if creators aren’t eligible to monetise their Shorts, they also won’t be included in the creator’s pool.
  • Revenue that is associated with views of Shorts which were uploaded by music partners will not be part of the pool.
  • Any revenue earned by views of Shorts which are deemed ineligible won’t count.
  • Adverts that appear on the Shorts feed before a Short has even been viewed won’t come into the creator’s pool.
  • Finally, any revenue that is earned through adverts appearing on the navigation pages won’t be added to the creator’s pool.
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