YouTube’s latest trends – AI, YouTube Shorts, and creator economy growth

YouTube have released some information regarding their current focuses as they head into 2024. It seems they aim to enhance the use of AI while also improving YouTube Shorts.

YouTube's latest trends - AI, YouTube Shorts, and creator economy growth. Photo of someone writing on a page with YouTube as the title.
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YouTube is currently focusing on several key areas, starting with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, where YouTube Shorts is poised to take centre stage. According to Neal Mohan (YouTube CEO), YouTube Shorts is experiencing impressive growth.

With over 70 billion daily views and a 50% increase in the number of channels uploading Shorts each year. Mohan also highlighted the role of AI innovation in making content creation more accessible to a wider audience. More views the better, right?

In addition to Shorts, Mohan discussed YouTube’s commitment to supporting creators economically. He noted a significant increase in the number of creators using paid memberships, demonstrating the platform’s efforts to empower content creators financially.

Meanwhile, YouTube’s expansion into the realm of larger screens is progressing rapidly. Viewers are now spending more than 1 billion hours watching YouTube videos on their TVs every day. The company has amassed over eight million subscribers for its YouTube TV service.

This indicates a growing interest in long-form content consumption through the platform. Which, really, is how YouTube started. Before Shorts, it was normal to post long-form videos to the platform. It only seemed to change when TikTok became popular.

YouTube’s current focus areas include leveraging AI technology for content creation, promoting the growth of YouTube Shorts, and supporting creators through economic initiatives. YouTube continues to evolve to meet the changing needs and preferences. sign up for free GIF
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