Playables – YouTube’s new mini-games

YouTube are introducing mini-games for their paid subscribers. The platform will be offering access to 37 different games to choose from. All from the mobile or desktop app.

YouTube was once the only website of its kind. It had no real competition. The platform would offer videos of all lengths from a huge variety of creators, specialising in various niches. However, over the years there have been other platforms developing. One huge one being TikTok. When TikTok came about, YouTube had to act fast.

With TikTok only increasing in popularity, YouTube introduced Shorts, which is a section of their platform, specifically for short-form videos. Exactly like that of TikTok. YouTube have continued to develop their products, and are constantly seeking ways to be different from their competitors. Now, it seems they’ve branched into something slightly different.

This time, YouTube are setting their sights on online gaming. Another avenue which could be described as saturated. However, is there an all-in-one platform? Music, video content, both long and short-form, and also video games? Oh, not to forget they offer live-streaming too. Their new gaming feature could drive a lot of extra traffic to their site.

Playables can be accessed via the Explore tab

All YouTube Premium subscribers will now be able to play mini-games within the platform. There’s 37 to choose from, and they’ve been called Playables. These can be access via the Explore tab, and the best part is, there’s no need to download anything extra. You can play via the YouTube app. No extra instalments required.

You’ll see well known games such as; Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, and The Daily Crossword. There will also be a few arcade style games on there too. However, users will need to try them soon because it seems they might not be around for long. From the 28th March 2024, you’ll no longer be able to play them. So YouTube claim at the moment.

We’d imagine this could change. After all, if YouTube see an influx of users upgrading their accounts due to this new feature, they’re not going to be quick to axe it, are they? Alongside Playables, YouTube Premium users may have noticed they can now use AI to ask questions about videos they’re watching. These new features come after a recent pricing increase.

At least, users are seeing more for their money. Although, will it be enough to keep them if pricing plans continue to rise? Are users looking for games on a streaming platform? It might not get a huge increase in sign-ups, but perhaps it will convince those already subscribed to stick around for a while and see what Playables is all about. sign up for free GIF

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