YouTube Premium subscribers will have higher-quality videos

All YouTube Premium subscribers will have higher-quality videos than any other user. This comes as the company are rolling out new features for those with a Premium subscription. One being, enhanced 1080p videos.

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YouTube Premium members will be able to access an enhanced version of 1080p. It will only be available on iOS at the moment. Hopefully Android users will see it soon, however, this hasn’t been confirmed. It does appear the web platform will be able to see this enhanced version soon though.

This new enhanced video is said to make everything crisper and sharper than previously. Especially on videos that have a lot of detail. YouTube began testing this feature earlier on in the year, but it had some non-Premium users worried that their quality would begin to dip as YouTube headed towards these changes.

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These concerns can be squashed however, as YouTube have shared that the 1080p option won’t be changing, for subscribers and non-subscribers. Not every video will have the Premium enhanced option available. Any videos uploaded with higher or lower resolutions than 1080p won’t have this option. Shots and livestreams also won’t.

Perhaps this new feature will encourage users to subscribe to the platform. The more users, the better. For YouTube anyway. It’s a nice extra feature if you’re already a subscriber. However, with YouTube videos already being shorter than your average film, this new enhancement might not sway everyone to subscribe.

1080p which is YouTube’s current quality is already pretty sharp. It will be interesting to see how many sign up because of this feature. Likewise, how many videos this feature will be available on. If it’s not available on livestreams and that’s all someone uses the platform for, it’s not going to be much use.

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