YouTube Premium or YouTube Music – which one is best?

When it comes to YouTube vs YouTube, how do you decide which one to pick? Surely, they both offer the same thing, right? However, if that was the case, why would there be a market for both of them? Knowing the difference between the two is quite confusing, so we’ve found a video that explains everything you need to know.

The battle of the two YouTube services

Have you used either YouTube Music or YouTube Premium? If so, which one is your favourite? It seems that they both offer a lot of the same features, so it is uncertain what the need is for both of them. However, YouTube have been known to expand in any way they can, so perhaps this is the reason why? Either way, there is a lot of confusion around what the differences actually are, which is why we have found this video that explains it.

YouTube Premium

Here are some of the main features he mentioned YouTube Premium offers:

  • No adverts
  • Background play
  • YouTube originals
  • Offline

He goes on to say that YouTube Premium is only $12 a month which does work out as very affordable to most people. This includes Google Play Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium itself. There is a family option for up to 6 people and also students get a heavy discount per month.

YouTube Premium is quickly compared to Netflix, due to them offering originals on the platform. Even though some of their original shows are included within the plan, the movies still need to be rented. This is something to consider if you’re looking into purchasing this plan.

The videos that feature on YouTube Premium can be downloaded. So, if you have found something you want to save for later, perhaps when you’re on your commute, this can be downloaded to watch offline. You don’t need to be on the app for the sound to continue to play. This was something people have complained about to YouTube for many years, that when you exit the app, it stops. Well, with YouTube Premium it continues playing.

Another feature is the no adverts. I’m unsure about you but personally when it comes to YouTube adverts annoy me a lot less than they do on other video platforms. Many people would prefer the chance to listen and watch with no disruptions though and that’s why YouTube Premium might work better for them.

YouTube Music

Huge rival with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. It’s designed to be a music app however there are chances to watch live music videos. It is simply a music streaming platform like any other. You can find playlists other people have created or make your own. That way you can access your favourite songs while using the app.

YouTube Music will suggest people to listen to based off your recent searches. In the same way other music apps do, the more you listen, the more suggestions you’ll have. It will personalise the experience and tailor it to you. This video suggests there is only the one option for a mixtape, whereas the likes of Spotify have so many to choose from based upon different genres you like. It seems fairly limited in that way.

A queue will automatically be generated for you when you pick any song. If you select just one single you want to listen to, once it’s over, it will move onto the next song that YouTube has picked out for you. The great thing about YouTube Music is you can search for songs using only lyrics. We’ve all had a song we want to listen to, but we can’t remember the title. Instead, the lyrics are on repeat around our minds. Well, with YouTube Music that isn’t an issue because you can just search for what you know instead.

We’re grateful for Mike for going into this in such depth because it really explained everything easily. With the minimal price difference, it is hard to see why people would opt for YouTube Music when you could get that plus so much more for an extra $2 a month. However, YouTube are doing really well on both platforms, so there must be a target audience there for them.

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