YouTube Music are trialling a For You Page just like TikTok

YouTube Music are testing a recommendation tab within their app. Allowing users to watch music videos from artists they might enjoy. The tab will be called Samples and will allow users to scroll through various videos.

As we know by now, when one social platform is onto a good thing, they all want to follow. YouTube Music are the latest to try and adapt their services. Now, they’re following TikTok and adding a For You style page. Only YouTube Music’s will be called Samples. The idea is it will allow users to scroll through music videos and find new artists to follow.

Rumours hit the internet when screenshots were being posted to Reddit of the new YouTube Music interface. There you can see the Samples tab. It’s between both the Home and the Explore tabs, and it even has it’s own new button. You’ll see endless videos, almost like Shorts, but these seem to be for music videos instead.

There you will be able to flick through various artist’s music content without having to search for it. These videos will appear in the same format as Shorts and TikTok. You can add your favourite videos to a playlist, over time, you should start seeing content relevant to your preferences appearing on your timeline.

Currently, this is only being tested in Brazil. It also doesn’t seem to be accessible on all device types. Your device must be running version 6.02.53 or later, otherwise it seems this update cannot be accessed. YouTube Music haven’t mentioned these changes, nor when they will be rolled out further. However, if the testing goes to plan, we imagine it won’t be long.

It will be interesting to see whether this turns out as successful as their rivals. Or, if it’s another case of a platform who should quit while they’re ahead. After all, YouTube itself isn’t going to go anywhere. There’s enough room for all platforms if they all offer their own thing. However, trying to include a bit of everything in one platform might not do them any favours.

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