The truth behind the blue tick – are social media verifications still worth it?

More and more people are moving away from social media verification since websites have brought in a payment system. It seems anyone can get verified providing they have the relevant funds. So, is it worth it anymore?

Both Twitter and Meta have moved towards a payment system for their verification ticks. While this might seem like a great thing for those who previously struggled to earn their tick, it has made the verification slightly less impressive. Now, in theory, anyone can get a tick. So, is it really worth getting one?

The idea behind the blue tick was originally to prove the authenticity of an individual or business. It would prevent others from pretending to be them online and ensure their audience could find the official account without being tricked by a fake profile. Now though, multiple platforms want to be paid for this.

Originally, brands or individuals would need to pass a certain criteria to be able to earn their tick. They could apply for one, however, many were automatically awarded one after reaching a high amount of followers, or proving they are the real individual and not impersonating them. It used to be quite an exciting process. Especially when they were awarded one without applying for it.

Now though, anyone can request their blue tick, as long as they pay a monthly subscription. With this comes increased support and visibility. So, for businesses, they can guarantee their account will be seen. But, business owners are questioning if they should bother. Will it bring enough custom in to be worth the cost?

Should I buy a blue tick?

This is the question being asked currently. A blue tick can encourage people to visit your website because you have proven you are who you say you are. You have shown your legitimacy. However, if everyone is able to buy a blue tick, it almost takes away the special aspect of having one. You no longer stand out compared to others.

No longer will people see your tick and be impressed, because you haven’t earned it, you have instead bought it. There will be more and more blue ticks around the platforms. However, it could show your audience you are the real deal. A business that pays to prove their legitimacy could prove popular with their target market.

It’s really one you’ll only know when you try. Because, it could bring more interest to your page, and therefore increase clients. However, it might not do any of that, and you might be left with a cost that isn’t being paid for by itself. Perhaps you should try it out and see if it brings in enough people to be worthwhile.

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