How independent artists can get verified on Instagram

A blue tick on Instagram isn’t determine by your follower count. Instead, it will be based upon whether you’re one of a kind, notable and authentic. Could you possibly be plagiarised? Anyone however can apply. But not all will be accepted.

Alternative Instagram verification badge

💭 What is an Instagram verification badge?

You must have seen those blue ticks appearing by certain users names on Instagram. They show that the account is verified, meaning they’re the real deal. Originally only the most elite Instagram users would be able to flash their shiny blue tick. This is because the old system meant only those who had been contacted through Instagram’s team would become verified. You couldn’t apply on your own behalf. It was one of those, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know situations.

They almost show a certain status to your account. With a verification tick you don’t have to worry about fan accounts or people impersonating you. It shows you are the original artist or creator. This is particularly useful as your account grows. You don’t have to fight off the imposters. Even if this isn’t the case, a blue tick is still beneficial. It helps fans find you with ease. They don’t need to hope they’ve found the right account. It makes it pretty obvious you’re the one they’re looking for.

🤷 Who can get verified on Instagram?

Anyone. Ok not absolutely anyone. Unfortunately you can’t create an account for your pet and just gain a blue tick instantly. Otherwise, everyone would have them, and they’d no longer be proof of verification. It would act like more of a rite of passage which isn’t the idea. You need to have some form of authenticity. The good news is though, you don’t need to be considered famous to recieve your tick.

There’s no harm in applying for one. We’ll show you how you can do that later on. If you don’t get accepted, nothing happens to your account. So you might as well give it a go. It’s important to note that although you may be verified on Twitter or Facebook, this doesn’t automatically give you the tick across Instagram too. Don’t get disheartened if you aren’t successful. You can always try again at another stage. The general view is that you need to be someone who could possibly be impersonated to gain approval. Followers don’t come into this. For example, if Brad Pitt suddenly created an Instagram account, he could prove his identity and be blue ticked in no time.

Here’s Instagram’s criteria for being accepted 👇

First of all, you must follow their Term’s of Use and Community Guidelines. You also need to meet their criteria:

  • Authenticity – Your account must show you’re a real person or business. This is great news as it means fan accounts won’t become verified.
  • One of a kind – You cannot have multiple accounts under the same name verified.
  • Public – Private Instagram accounts cannot be verified.
  • Finished – If your account still needs work, you won’t be accepted. Make sure you have a profile photo, bio and a few posts at least before applying.
  • Notable – Unfortunately an account you’ve created for your newborn probably won’t get accepted. It needs to be an account Instagram believe is going to have some attraction.

🤳 How to apply for Instagram verification

Great, so you’ve got this far, and you’re still reading. That means you think you have what it takes to earn your blue tick. Like I mentioned previously. Nothing happens to your account if you don’t get accepted. So, it’s always worth a shot. Watch the video below for a really simple step-by-step guide to how to apply for Instagram verification.

It’s worth noting, there isn’t a set timeframe on when you’ll find out if you were successful or not. Instagram receive so many requests, they need time to go through each one and check it against their criteria. You can apply again if you don’t get accepted the first time. Although if you haven’t changed anything about your account since your last application, it’s unlikely they’ll change their mind. Spamming them won’t help your chances, unfortunately.

As an independent artist this is a really useful feature to be able to have. That way, if ever anyone else happens to name their band or artist the same as yours, you’ve claimed the account name. They’ll head to Instagram and see the name has already been taken, and they’re not going to get the blue tick themselves. It might mean you have some ownership over your name.

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