Top 5 hacks to grow your Twitter engagements

So, you’re on Twitter? Great, but are you getting the most out of it? Twitter almost acts as a digital diary. It’s arguably one of the best places to go viral. Someone shows you something on Facebook… guarantee you’ve already seen it over on Twitter.

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1️⃣ Get visual

Images and videos are far more likely to grab a user’s attention than words alone. If you want your tweets to stand out, make sure you include something visual. When tweeting about your latest release, add your artwork in there. Or perhaps a clip from your newly released music video. People will be more tempted to stop and view your work if something catches their eye. You don’t have to completely stick to images and videos either. GIFs are the in thing right now. Add a GIF that relates to what you’re sharing. It will show a different side to your personality and will get people clicking on your profile. Not only that but it completely bypasses the character limit. Say it in video rather than text.

2️⃣ Check the lists

Possibly one of the best kept Twitter secrets. I mean, did you know they were a thing? Twitter can’t seem to make their minds up about whether they want this feature on or off. They change like the wind. However, thankfully there is a way to use lists even if Twitter say no. Google is your friend here. Simply use the following – inurl:lists <your search term> and just like that you can access their lists option.

These lists are super important, especially when you follow so many people. They show you who is most relevant to your area. For example if someone has subscribed to a list about vegans, and they appear to be from London, you’d want to know about this if you were a new vegan restaurant opening up in the area right? You can also use them to check your competition. See who is subscribed to their lists and make yourself known.

3️⃣Post regularly

If you go a couple of weeks or months without posting on Twitter, you soon become old news. It’s possibly one of the most fast-paced social media platforms. Everything is constantly moving, and you need to be checking in all the time. Especially when it comes to trending topics. If it’s something related to your field, you need to get in and have your say. It’s a good method of getting your account noticed by more people. Pick a popular hashtag relating to your content and give your opinions on the subject. You might then find other people respond to you and with a bit of conversation you’ve got yourself a follower.

As it acts as a diary of sorts, it’s important to be on there updating your followers about what’s going on. This isn’t my way of saying spam them with as much as you can, because it will become too much. However, let them know what’s happening. It’s a great place to be more personal. Be active and present. A retweet or like of your fans tweets to you wouldn’t hurt either. It will show you interact with your followers.

4️⃣ Don’t forget to turn on that notification button

I’m aware I sounded like someone on YouTube then. It applies to Twitter also. Just in a slightly different way. Your followers can turn on your notifications so whenever you tweet. It appears on their phone letting them know. This is super exciting for fans as they are more likely to capture your attention if they respond to you as quickly as possible. It’s also great for you because the more people that have your notifications on, the more responses you’re likely to get. Your tweet won’t sit there and flop then, and you won’t get lost in the sea of other tweets. Instead, your followers can head straight to your content.

5️⃣ Be interactive

As Twitter is known for being a bit more of a place to chit-chat. Make sure your followers know they can do that with you. Don’t be one of those who thinks their fans don’t deserve interaction. We’re all human, no matter how big you get. A simple retweet could make your fan’s day. Even more, it then encourages other followers to interact with your tweets with the chance of being retweeted themselves. Following people back doesn’t dampen your chances of success. You don’t need to have thousands of followers and only be following single digits yourself.

It’s one thing tweeting every day, which is super important. However, when your fans engage with your content, show them some love back. It will boost your interactions if people see you responding to others. Especially when your followers probably work so hard to help promote your work. A little thank you would go a really long way.

There’s a whole heap of ways you can get people knowing who you are on Twitter. You need to keep up though because blink and everything will have changed. Be consistent with your schedules but don’t make it so forced it seems a chore to do. Promoting yourself and engaging with your followers should be enjoyable and if it’s not then it’s time to change up your game. Ensure your branding matches your profiles across other social media channels and people will be able to find you easily to engage.

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