When is the best time to post your content on TikTok?

TikTok is the most exciting thing at the moment. Let’s face it, even those who say they don’t use it secretly do. Stop pretending you’re tool cool for it. We know you can’t resist the catchy beats or trying out the latest dance trends. As a content creator however, there’s not much point posting if no one’s going to see it. You could be missing out on thousands of views.

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We’ve written a broader blog post recently, going into detail about multiple different social media platforms. It’s still very much relevant, but due to TikTok being the in thing, we want to get you as clued-up as possible. Have you ever made the best video for TikTok, convinced it will go viral, for it to be a bit of a flop? It might not be your content, it could just be the time you posted it. If your audience aren’t scrolling through at the time you’re posting, it could get missed. You need to fight through those waves and teach TikTok’s algorithm who’s boss.

⏰ So, when should you post?

It would be great if I could answer this specifically for each person reading this. I really wish I could be that helpful, but unfortunately it would vary far too much. One of the most important factors is time zone. If you’re posting at 1 o’clock in the morning, the likelihood of your viewers seeing your content is slim. This is of course, if your time zone matches up with theirs. If you’re perhaps posting content aimed at other countries, then ignore what I just said and carry on.

Your TikTok analytics need to become your best friend here. Use them, and I mean really use them. Don’t just glance at them and think oh cool, sorted. You need to keep checking in with them to see what’s working and more important what isn’t. These analytics will show you which videos are performing well, and you can reference this to the times they were posted. Of course, this won’t be 100% accurate because one piece of content could just be stronger than another. However, you will start to see a pattern. The most popular videos are likely posted when most of your viewers are online.

📌 Push tip To access this information you’ll need to switch your TikTok account to a Pro account.

🙅 Less is not more

I know that doesn’t usually make sense, but in this case it’s true. Usually I spend my time telling you not to overdo it. Now though, I’m telling you to go hard or go home. It’s suggested you should be posting 1-4 times per day. With the amount of videos flowing through the app, it’s no wonder you need to keep posting to stand out.

According to Pacific Standard Times these are the best times to post 👇

  • Tuesday: 7 AM
  • Thursday: 10 AM
  • Friday: 5 AM

The times seem to vary quite a lot, so it might be worth trying out these times and slightly adapting them based upon your user base. Keep the videos coming, and you should start to see repetition. You can also observe your competitors. See what other people who produce similar content to you are doing. Check out what times they post and which of their videos are performing the best. Have a go at replicating these posting times to compare how they work for you. If you have a professional account you can see when your viewers are most active which will provide you with everything you need to know.

As I mentioned earlier, there is unfortunately no set rule book, but hopefully this can help you out a little with knowing how often to post and where to source this information. You’ll get into the swing of things the more you post. Things will become clearer, and it will become more apparent what works for you and what times you should completely avoid. Make sure you’re open to adjustments. Having a schedule is great but if you’re unwilling to alter it and change things up then you’ll end up causing more harm than good to your content.

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