YouTube updates – videos, shorts and lives will have their own tabs within the channel page

YouTube have made some changes which will alter the way videos appear on the platform. A new redesign will see video content being split into three different sections. Normal videos, shorts and live content will all have their own tabs.

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YouTube have now made changes which will change the way you view videos. A redesign will see content split between; normal videos, lives and shorts. They’ll be available under separate tabs meaning you can easily find what you’re looking for, and don’t have to look through the content that doesn’t interest you.

These updates will make it easier for YouTube users to access their preferred type of content. Allowing users to easily navigate between YouTube’s features will make for a better user experience. Some users won’t watch shorts, whereas some users go to the platform only for this option. Now, you can essentially tailor your YouTube experience around you.

Shorts and live streams will no longer be accessible through the main video tab. This will make a lot of users happy because many weren’t impressed when shorts started merging into the main video tab. Those who have been using the platform for quite some time aren’t typically interested in shorter videos.

YouTube’s new layout could bring more views

Not only that, but, it could bring more views to creator’s channels. This is because all the content each viewer is looking for is easily sourced, and you can head straight to the section that interests you without having to scroll through all content. If a creative’s page is particularly shorts heavy, previously you may have been put off.

Not any more. If you don’t like shorts, don’t head to that section. If you’re a more traditional YouTube user, you can stick to the main tab. So instead, they’ll be able to see exactly the type of content they prefer, rather than clicking off the channel all together. The same goes for lives. Maybe you’re really into watching live videos.

Lives are certainly more natural. They show the authentic person, because they cannot be edited. Often lives are much longer too. If you’re somebody who enjoys this type of content experience, you can head straight to the lives tab. It helps break things up. Having content within sections is really beneficial to everyone involved.

It seems to be popular

The initial feedback on Twitter is positive. It looks like YouTube users are on board with these updates. Many sharing their experiences of the old version compared with the new one. When platforms like YouTube make major changes like this, often they can be met with backlash. People don’t always like change.

Once unimpressed it’s hard to recapture those users. So, it looks like YouTube are off to a good start. People are happy. After all, it does make the experience much smoother. Not only for the viewer, but also the creative. They can easily categorise their content, and see what video style works best for them.

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