Businesses can’t avoid social media any longer – here’s why

As a business, large or small – you want people to know you exist. To grow you need to be on social media. It’s as simple as that. You can’t avoid social platforms now. They’re the in thing, and they could completely turn your business around. From small, to viral in just a few posts.

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Everyone’s online now. With the easy access from smartphones and the internet becoming speedier – it’s impossible to avoid. People rely on social media for everything. Inspiration, communication, sharing their lives with people they know. There are so many varied uses for social platforms that they’ve essentially taken over our lives. You’ll struggle to find someone who isn’t using some form of social account because they’re just something that’s become part of society.

We run off them. Disliking them is almost irrelevant. They’re not going anywhere. If anything, we can expect to see them continue to grow. The majority of individuals don’t go a day without logging into some form of social platform. Whether it’s checking their Instagram feed, scrolling through TikTok videos or giving their family friend’s status a like – people are constantly checking in. To some, it might be seen that as a society we’ve become too reliant on these platforms. However, to many, they’re a great way of keeping in touch with those we don’t see every day.

How much do we rely on social media?

Across the world, there are 4.65 billion social media users. Since 2012 alone, there has been a huge increase in the amount of people on these platforms. 51% more individuals are using social media than they did in 2012. With numbers like this, it’s impossible to imagine a world without social platforms now. Even more so, it seems completely damaging for a company to not enter the world of socials. They’re essentially denying themselves an audience. Think of how many more people you could reach through these services.

In April 2022, there were 5 billion people across the world that regularly used the internet. That’s 63% of the entire global population. Which suggests, everyone who can get online, wants to. It opens so many new doors that previously people couldn’t have imagined. We can learn and expand our skills through various online services. So, it’s a better time than any to get on the internet. After all, the internet doesn’t care where you’re from or what your background it. It makes resources accessible to everyone.

Of course, those within the 25-34 age bracket use social media most throughout the day. The average time for someone spending on social media alone is 147 minutes each day. Facebook even surprised everyone by ranking highest for monthly active users. It has 2.9 billion users each month. That’s 400 million more than YouTube. Instagram is sat in 4th following WhatsApp. Numbers like this really prove we are a world who rely on social media now. It’s past the point of return and why not? It is an easy way to reach new people and also, those closest to you.

Why must businesses be online?

As shown through the statistics; social media really is a growing trend. It has been for quite some time and with the numbers continuing to rise – it will remain this way. Whether you believe teenagers should be spending their free time scrolling through TikTok or not – it’s happening. There’s not much that can be done to stop this. It simply is how the world is now. Of course, social platforms have rules in place to stop those below a certain age creating accounts.

However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t prematurely exposed to the world of social media. Whether it’s through bending the truth and adding a year to their age. Or, their parent’s allowing them to browse through their accounts. It comes back to this being the new normal now. So, many companies with a young target audience are creating social profiles because although their viewers shouldn’t be on the platforms – they are.

As a business it seems crazy to not get involved with the social media boom. One great post could see your account go viral. From there you open yourself up to a whole new community. You can promote your company in fun and engaging ways. Allowing those who come across your work to be shown exactly why they should check it out. It’s easier than ever to grow a name for yourself. You no longer have to rely on word of mouth. Instead, you can do the hard work yourself and sit back and watch it pay off.

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