YouTube Premium has secret price increase

Without warning, it seems, YouTube Premium have increased their monthly subscription cost to $14. This is a $2 increase with no public announcement. Their music platform has also seen a price hike.

Without warning, it seems, Google have increased their pricing for YouTube Premium. Instead of $12 a month, it is now $14 a month. This has been updated on their sign-up page, but it doesn’t seem it has been announced publicly.

The annual subscription plan has increased by $20 overall. It was $120 and is now $140. However, by paying one amount, a user does save in the long run. It saves around $28 in total, if you pay each year rather than each month in instalments.

YouTube Music Premium has also seen a price increase. It was $10 and is now $11 if you pay monthly. These prices match that of Apple, Amazon and now Spotify. YouTube Premium allows users to watch content uninterrupted.

Adverts are removed, and you’re able to watch content offline. Background playing is an option too. Rather than your video pausing when you click off the app, it will create a pop-up on your screen when you minimize YouTube’s app.

Last year the family plan was increased to $23 a month. This was brought in quickly, with current users seeing more money taken the month after it was announced. Again, not much warning was given.

This was unlike them. Previously, when YouTube Red became YouTube Premium the platform honoured the original price of $10 for its current subscribers, and still is for many. This time around, YouTube are increasing it regardless of subscribers.

YouTube are also aiming to ban ad-blockers. They work by preventing adverts from appearing on your device, but, they stop the need for upgrading your account. Without ads, platforms like YouTube couldn’t offer a free version of the platform while paying creators.

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