YouTube chatbot will appear under certain videos

YouTube are currently working on a new chatbot feature which will appear under a select amount of videos. Users will be able to interact with the chatbot to access information about the video and the creator.

YouTube chatbot will appear under certain videos. Two side by side smartphones. Loaded on both screens are examples of the chatbot.
Credit: Google

YouTube are currently working on a new AI chatbot. This would appear underneath select videos on the platform. The idea behind it is to give viewers more insights into the video itself, as well as providing them with similar content they can view. If all goes to plan, YouTube will have another way of suggesting video content to those who use their platform.

Not only will you be able to receive suggestions, but you’ll also be able to learn more about the video you’re currently watching. Viewers can ask questions about the video and even the creator. There isn’t a guideline as to what the chatbot will and more importantly won’t answer, however. But, we’d imagine no personal information will be provided.

Sort YouTube comments by topics

This tool has been announced by Google, as well as another AI tool. The other tool being a feature to organise comments into topics. For example, on a family channel, it could be each person has their own topic section within the comments. Then, any time someone comments mentioning one person’s name, this comment is moved into that person’s topic section.

YouTube chatbot will appear under certain videos. A screenshot of a video’s comments, summarised by AI.
Credit: Google

It’s a great way of separating comments. Allowing the creator to see which topics continue to reappear. It will help them understand what their views like or dislike on their channel. This will allow them to create better videos in the future, knowing they’re focusing on topics their viewers continue to mention. It’s an easy filtering option.

Both features come as Google aims to include AI in more areas of their company. We’re seeing AI pop up everywhere at the moment, and Google having arguably some of the strongest AI tools, want to include theirs within all the products under their umbrella. YouTube have already seen AI backgrounds being generated within Shorts.

They’ve also seen AI dubbing within videos for translation purposes. It’s said they’re working on another AI tool which will allow users to create their own tracks using elements of their favourite musicians work. All of YouTube’s AI related tools are currently being tested, and they may never make it to the public completely.

It’s an experiment in the early stages, to see what works and what doesn’t. Over time, they’ll see if changes can be made, or if the idea should be completely scrapped. Testing can take some time for such a large company, as they don’t want to release a product that isn’t complete. What are your thoughts? Good idea, or not necessary? sign up for free GIF
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