Top 9 innovative AI chatbots in 2023

Dive into the weird and wonderful world of AI chatbots. With everything from CatGPT, to MeditateBot. There is literally something for everyone. We’re going to look into the strangest AI chatbots around.


The world has gone AI crazy! There are chatbots for everything you could imagine. It’s really hard to pinpoint the best ones though. Searching for various options is a minefield and once you start looking, you end up down a rabbit hole that seems impossible to get out of. The problem is, they aren’t all in one place, because they’re not all hosted by the same AI platforms.

You can search things like DogGPT and you will find results. However, you there isn’t a list of all the fun and weird platforms you can access, which is why we decided to create our own. Not all the weird and wonderful AI chatbots we came across are hosted by the Open.AI so finding them is a little tricky. Within this article, we’ve compiled 9 of the most innovative chatbots we came across.

1. CatGPT

CatGPT is exactly what you’d expect… You can talk, to cats. Ask the chatbot questions and receive GIFs followed by your answer. There are two versions of this AI tool. One which gives you answers you can actually read, in amongst the meows. The other, will only respond with meows. You can ask both any question you like, but depending on the model you choose, you’ll get very different answers.

CatGPT example GIF

The version which involves human speech is called the -FURR model. It means it’s not just multiple meows. You can get some form of conversation. This AI is fairly new, so it isn’t the best it could be. There is certainly a lot of room for improvement and progression, but the foundations are there, so it could be something great if the creators continue to work on it.

Throughout the conversations had with CatGPT, it did repeat itself multiple times. The AI regularly asks if you want to hear a cat riddle, and almost won’t let you say no. However, the riddles it tells are repetitive. Even throughout one conversation it told us the same one twice. It seems it doesn’t have large amounts of knowledge just yet, but it’s still a really fun concept.

2. DogGPT

If you couldn’t already tell, this one is like CatGPT but… for dogs. Yes, that’s right, instead of meows, you can have woofs. DogGPT allows you to have a conversation with an AI who imitates a dog. You can ask questions you’d ask your four-pawed pal, or you can ask every day questions. Whatever you do though, don’t meow at the dog. It won’t like it!


This version seems even less extensive than the cat model. Both have been created by the OpenAI, however this seems to have even more limitations. There doesn’t seem to be a fur vs no fur option. It’s a good bit of fun though and certainly can be entertaining. Unlike the cat version, you don’t get an abundance of GIFs with DogGPT.

It’s a shame, because, who doesn’t like a GIF? The main problem with the dog version is, while you can have a conversation with a dog, you don’t get human responses like you do with CatGPT. With DogGPT, you’ll only receive woofs, so there’s no way to get a real answer. Due to this limitation, it can get pretty boring quite quickly. The meow and woof buttons in the bottom-left corner don’t work either!

3. HuggingFace Chat

HuggingChat GIF

HuggingFace is a startup AI which was released to rival ChatGPT. You’re able to ask it questions, request jokes and have a general conversation with the chatbot. It’s supposed to have less filters than the OpenAI version, so you should get far more creative answers. It’s a fun and engaging way of sourcing ideas.

You can ask HuggingChat to create emails for you, tell a story and even create cover letters. It’s advanced technology should be able to handle most tasks. However, it doesn’t look as fool-proof as its rival chatbot. There are times when the chatbot gives out incorrect answers to questions asked, or unhelpful advice. Which, wouldn’t look too good in a professional setting.

4. Eviebot

Eviebot is a female AI chatbot. You’ll see a female’s image at the top of the page, and you’ll be able to have conversations with her. However, be warned, she is a little creepy. She doesn’t always say things you’d expect and certainly isn’t for children. Often she will change the subject quite dramatically, talking about subjects that could be sensitive.

Eviebot AI GIF

We asked her how she was, she replied asking about beliefs, specifically within God. The responses she came out with could offend those who are religious. We tried steering her to another topic, and she took to it, but her answers are very vague. There isn’t much weight in them, and she certainly can’t help spark ideas like other AI’s can.

There is a warning when you first head onto Eviebot. It says it isn’t for children and that she is not responsible for what is said. While this is understandable, she isn’t human and cannot therefore know right from wrong, it is a little concerning she hasn’t been programmed to engage in conversation in a more friendly manner. However, we’d certainly be against letting those under 18 near it.

5. Boibot

Wow, what can we say about Boibot, other than he’s even ruder than Eviebot. He’s a male version of the AI but weirdly, this one does not have a name. There is another version on the same platform called Willbot, but this one has no name. Quite quickly he became aggressive with his words. Simple questions sparked him into rage, which shows he isn’t suitable for children.

Boibot AI example GIF

The website does however explain this. At the start you are warned children may only use him with parental guidance, but there’s probably many more child friendly versions out there instead. It is a free website and you don’t need to sign up to try it, which is good because most AIs require your personal details and that can seem a little odd, especially when you only want to try it out.

When testing a new product, you don’t always want to give over your details, as you might never return to the site again. Can each site be trusted? With Boibot you don’t have to worry about that, but there are adverts – everywhere! Each time you ask a question the screen jumps, and you have to scroll to find where you were. The answers he gives aren’t informative either. So, he might be fun to argue with, but we’re not sure that there’s much more to him.

6. Insomnobot

The idea behind Insomnobot is quite clever. It’s for those who have difficulty sleeping. If you often find yourself awake during the middle of the night, you can reach for your phone and text with Insomnobot. However, the problem is, you can’t talk to him during the day. The AI is only around between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Insomnobot GIF

What about those who work night shifts? Who do they talk to when they’re awake during the day which is in fact, their bedtime? The problem is, screen time has been proven to keep people awake too, so why would an AI company add to that by encouraging people to text from their brightly lit phone during the night?

Insomnobot will encourage you to do things like call in sick to work the following day, which sounds great, but some may take the advice on board, and it could get them into tricky situations. The idea of someone being around when needed late at night is a lovely thought, but it’s still an AI and won’t hold much power to those who might need it most.

8. Craiyon

Craiyon is an AI art generator. It’s a free online platform that allows you to create unique images by providing just a few simple words. You name it, Craiyon creates it. You’re able to decide whether you want art; a drawing, or a photo. However, this isn’t too clear, because you could argue art is all of these things.

Craiyon example GIF

Enter what you want to see and Craiyon will create it for you. However, it can take some time. If you’re using the free, no sign up required version, you will be waiting for minutes at a time for your artwork to create. You’ll also see adverts in this time. If you want to speed things up, you’ll need to create an account and pay for the service.

The AI tool isn’t completely accurate. When asking for a drawing of a cat with wings, it brought up artwork of cats, but no wings. This was quite a simple request that it couldn’t complete. However, it suggested a black cat with wings, which it was able to achieve. It seems the AI is hit and miss with what it can achieve. Perhaps the paid version would be stronger.

9. Chimbot

Chimbot is under the same AI platform as Boibot and Eviebot and it’s quite clear by the aggressive responses that it often presents. It’s a simple chatting service essentially. There isn’t much information it could provide, and it definitely couldn’t help you out with any business elements. Asking it to write you a CV will likely result in being verbally abused by the chimp.

Chimbot example GIF

There isn’t much substance to the conversations. The monkey goes off topic really easily. Ask his name and you’ll get a response about the meaning of life and the universe. There is no back and forth conversation that can be had which can be pretty tiring. A random AI chatbot is one thing, but when each sentence has no relevance to the last, it gets quite boring.

Like with Boibot and Eviebot, the platform lags and it’s slow. Each time you ask a question, you’re sent back to the top of the page, where you then have to scroll down to see the answer. There are adverts everywhere, yes it’s a free platform but the adverts take over the screen. The chatbot completely froze our computer too.

All the chatbots we’ve looked into are fun concepts. However, some perform better than others. There’s only so much you can get out of each of them. None would be able to perform all the tasks you might turn to an AI for. However, they are still fun in their own ways. It just begs the question, do we need all varieties of chatbots? If they aren’t particuarly making life easier by tackling processes for you, then what is their purpose?

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