Radio GPT can host radio shows and mimic presenter voices

A brand-new AI tool, Radio GPT has launched, and is said to be able to host entire radio shows, including mimicking a presenter. Could this be the end of radio hosts?

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A new platform, Radio GPT has launched. It can run entire radio shows, use presenter voices, source news and play music. Basically everything a normal radio host would be able to do. Should this be of concern to radio hosts currently? Or, is it just something that could potentially act as a fill in. Surely, there won’t be the human emotion element provided by Radio GPT.

After all, it might be able to put on the voice of a presenter, but can it converse in the same sort of way? Yes, ChatGPT and other AI systems have shown themselves to be incredibly powerful and knowledgable, but this doesn’t mean they’re able to detect sarcasm, and join in jokes or banter like a real human could.

Using the same technology as its big brother ChatGPT, the radio version will be able to run tasks like any other platform. It will use the system TopicPulse, which scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more than 250,000 sources of news outlets. All of this combined is used to identify trending information or topics.

Radio GPT can even write its own scripts

Radio GPT can then use this information and pair it with GPT-3 technology to create a script for the radio show. There are multiple voices that the AI can use. It will depend on whether it’s a solo show, duo, or even trio hosted. Each AI will essentially have its own personality. They’ll be able to be programmed to run the entire show, or just partake in a small part.

Is this a needed invention? Yes, it’s impressive the way technology is moving, but is it going to override current jobs? People choose their radio stations based upon the hosts. Their favourite hosts will keep them coming back to listen time and time again. Where do adverts come in? These provide a large revenue for radio stations.

There are still a lot of questions not yet answered. It will be interesting to see where Radio GPT ends up. If it continues and this becomes the radio norm. Or, if it’s an exciting concept that will soon be placed on the back burner, so radio hosts can continue their work without the competition of a computer.

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