3 gift ideas for beginner recording musicians

If you’re struggling with what to buy this festive season, we’re here to help. For those who aren’t in the music world themselves, it can be tricky to know what’s good and what to avoid. So, have a look at these 3 gift ideas.

3 gift ideas for beginner recording musicians. Home set up of computer, laptop and microphone recording.

Knowing what to get someone special for Christmas seems to get harder each year. You want to get them something unique to them, and their likes. It shows you listen, right? While they’ll of course be thankful for whatever they receive, it doesn’t stop people stressing they haven’t got the right gift. So this is where we’re here to help.

We’ve put together 3 options for the new recording artist in your life. If they’re looking to establish a career in music, or, if they just want to try releasing their own song, they’ll need their own set-up. A lot of music artists start from their bedroom. Help them get off to an easier start by taking the financial pressure off them slightly.

Gear4music recording starter pack

3 gift ideas for beginner recording musicians. Photo of recording starter pack by Gear4music

This set-up is ideal for anyone who relies on a microphone. So, podcasters, streamers or recording artists. The microphone is a great quality and has a large condenser with a pop shield. Included with the bundle is a microphone stand, headphones, cables and a travel case for these small items.

It’s easy to set up, so it really is perfect for any beginner. The quality isn’t lacking either for a start-up set. Within this bundle, a recording artist will have the equipment they need to get connected to their computer. They can start recording straight away, making it the perfect gift.

Universal audio volt 176 USB audio interface

3 gift ideas for beginner recording musicians. Photo of Universal Audio Volt 176 USB Audio Interface.

If they already have a microphone ready to go but need some help adding some extra quality to their sound, why not consider getting them the audio volt. The best part of this is, the software which retails at £299 is included within this purchase.

Therefore, they can start recording their music straight away. It’s arguably one of the best in the business. Its compressor adds clarity to recordings, and it’s the perfect balance between old school and modern, meaning your sound is just right.

Subzero controlkey49s 49-key slim MIDI controller keyboard

3 gift ideas for beginner recording musicians. Photo of SubZero ControlKey49S 49 Key Slim MIDI Controller Keyboard.

A great gift idea for a recording artist who wants to level up. For those who are wanting to add a new layer to their songs, and include their own musical talents. It has 49 sensitive keys, but is slim and lightweight, making it completely portable for anyone on the go.

It won’t take up too much room. Often home studios can be restricting, so having this that can be easily moved is brilliant. It can be used with both PC and MAC, and you can connect it to both MIDI and USB, so it’s completely flexible. Why not treat the recording artist in your life?

There you have three different ideas. Christmas just got slightly easier, meaning you have time to focus on spending time with your loved ones, instead of worrying about what to buy them. There will be cheaper versions of these products. While, there will also be more expensive options. However, we’ve gone for a middle ground.

All of these products are excellent value for money. For what they offer, you’re getting a lot for the price. Becoming a recording artist doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s something for every budget. We hope these ideas have helped and that you have a wonderful time giving gifts to the musicians in your life.

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