TikTok hashtag cheat sheet

Knowing how to add hashtags to increase views is a skill. However, it’s one very few crack since the way they work is forever changing. We’ve put together a list of popular hashtags in 2023 for you to use.

How we use hashtags has changed since they first came about. Many used to hashtag everything they could see within their photo or video. The hashtags didn’t particularly hold weight, because no one was searching #sky and looking through all the photos that included that tag. It almost defeats the idea behind hashtags.

But, this was the norm. People weren’t sure how to correctly use hashtags, so they would simply explain their content by breaking it down into pieces. Now, it’s all about choosing hashtags that will bring the crowds in. The idea is you select the most popular ones within your niche and widen your audience.

While people might not be searching #sky, they might be looking for #contentcreator. So, essentially you’re describing who you are, what you do and what your content is about, but through popular well chosen hashtags instead. Certain tags within your niche will rank higher than others, it’s now your job to keep on top of the current trending tags.

That’s where we’re here to help. Trending hashtags often change, but overall you’ll find certain ones that are always popular. The more popular they are, the harder they can be to rank for. You’ll need to find the right balance between popularity and exposure. After all, you want your content to be seen, that’s the point. Keep reading to see the most popular tags of 2023.

Trending TikTok hashtags

Check TikTok’s Discover page to see the latest trends ahead of posting to the platform.

  1. #tiktok
  2. #tiktokchallenge
  3. #tiktokviral
  4. #tiktoktravel
  5. #tik_tok
  6. #tiktoktraditions
  7. #tiktokers
  8. #love
  9. #lovegoals
  10. #lovestory
  11. #lovesong
  12. #like
  13. #likeforlike
  14. #follow
  15. #followme
  16. #followers
  17. #aesthetic
  18. #viral
  19. #viralpost
  20. #fyp
  21. #foryoupage
  22. #meme
  23. #funny
  24. #funnyvideos
  25. #cute
  26. #fun
  27. #music
  28. #musically
  29. #happy
  30. #fashion

Above are 30 hashtags that are often popular on TikTok. These are tags you can use at any time (providing they relate to your video) and they will help boost your views. People are regularly looking through these hashtags and therefore might come across your video. However, the top performing ones will always change.

The current trending TikTok hashtags at the time of writing this article:

  1. #latenightsnack
  2. #fingerdance
  3. #gamercheck
  4. #اغنية_لؤلؤ
  5. #notthatmuch

You’ll find if you search for a relevant hashtag, you can find trending videos. From there, have a look at the other hashtags other creators have used. For example, if you looked up #christmas and saw many viral videos, click on the videos and look at the description to see if there are any more niche tags you could use to get your videos seen.

Remember to change things up often. You can save your top hashtags and use them within every video if they’re relevant to you, but always try to add different ones too. It’s likely the trending tags with less videos attached will help push your content further than over saturated hashtags. Hopefully this article will help get you started.

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