Universal release album as sped-up remixes boom on TikTok

Sped-up songs are taking over the TikTok platform. The hashtag #spedupsounds has reached 17.8 billion views, if not more. To jump on this trend, Universal Music Group (UMG) have released a complication album of similar tracks.

All across TikTok you’ll find popular, well-known songs being sped-up. Creators are jumping on board the hype and creating multiple videos to the same tracks. It may have started as a way to avoid copyright potentially, but now it seems sped-up songs are the in thing.

With at least 17.8 billion views to date, the hashtag #spedupsounds has proven popular amongst creators. Since this takeover, Universal Music have got involved and they’ve now released a complication album. The album is called Sped Up Songs: Official Remixes from Viral Creators and Speed Radio.

That’s quite the release title. The album itself has been described as a “groundbreaking creator collective” within a press release. It includes tracks from TikTok creators. One popular creator Tristan Olsen is a 20-year old producer from North Carolina.

Huge social following

He has over 4.6 million monthly Spotify listeners and also over 3.6 million TikTok followers. The creator released a sped up version of Die for You by The Weeknd, and I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. Both have earned millions of streams via Spotify.

It shows viral trends and popular music entwining to create something different. Highlighting the hard work of creators on the TikTok platform, rather than accusing copyright for their use of well known tracks. The idea is to boost creativity, rather than stopping it.

What are your thoughts? Are these tracks different enough from the original to pass as something new. Or, are they simply the original with some added speed? If so, is it fair on the original creator, or do you believe providing they get acknowledged, then it doesn’t matter?

Exposure is exposure. The original artists will find their number of listeners increasing, as people are interested in hearing the song that inspired the remix. However, are they getting enough recognition ahead of this album release?

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