TikTok is trialling a way to reset your FYP (For You Page)

Often you’ll find the videos appearing across your FYP that are of no interest to you. You’re able to skip past them and over time your page will shape more towards your preferences. However, find yourself down one rabbit hole and that’s all you’ll see.

If you’re scrolling down your TikTok FYP and tired of seeing the same content again and again, you can try to mix things up. Changing the content you watch or search for will alter what appears as suggested content. However, this can work both ways. It can be a positive because you can slowly start to incorporate what you want to see.

However, it can also be a negative, because if you watch a few videos on one subject, you’ll start to see more and more content similar appearing. Whether you’re interested or not. TikTok are looking into a way of changing this up however. They’re currently testing a new feature which would allow users to completely change their feed.

The new feature is called Refresh, as it does exactly that. In just the press of a button, users should be able to adjust their For You Page. If you’re constantly getting the same content appearing across your feed, and are becoming bored with it, just press the button and you should be able to reset your feed.

As with most new features, once launched, it will only be accessible for a small number of creators. This will be until TikTok have had enough feedback and fixed any bugs that may appear. We can then expect the feature to be rolled out bit by bit across the world. At the end of 2022, TikTok announced users would be able to see why a video has been recommended.

This is supposed to give users more information which can help them improve the algorithm connected to their account. This idea came after TikTok previously introduced options to change what they don’t see more importantly. The app allows users to block certain words or hashtags to prevent them seeing things that don’t interest them.

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