Instagram’s 9:16 TikTok style feed – where did it go?

Remember that update Instagram put in place that no one was expecting? In 2022 Instagram made some changes that didn’t go down well with its users. In an aim to make a more immersive experience, Instagram changed their photo formatting.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Adam Mosseri certainly got the message. In 2022 Instagram saw some unsightly changes. None of which were appreciated by users. They brought in these changes to try and create more of an immersive experience. But, it seemed users weren’t interested. It caused quite the uproar within the Instagram community.

Change can be hard, you get used to a platform one way and suddenly everything looks different. Of course, eventually you get used to it. But, when you know where everything is on a platform, and suddenly it moves, it can be quite irritating. Content creators especially will find social changes hard, because suddenly their whole routine has changed.

Instagram’s 9:16 feed

Normally, subtle changes have people moaning for a few days and then everyone gets used to it and no longer remembers the old view. However, the changes made to Instagram mid 2022 didn’t work like this. The whole feed changed because suddenly everything was in a 9:16 format. Previously, this sizing was for Reels and stories.

All videos and photos were displayed at 9:16, so suddenly your screen felt overwhelmed. It made all media have a much taller format. This meant that rather than scrolling through photos, and clicking on Reels to enlarge them, instead you were met with one photo or video taking up your entire screen.

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Nobody seemed to like it. It was hitting accounts randomly. Some accounts saw the changed immediately, while others never saw them at all. It was all part of a trial run. Unlike most social platforms that input changes and stick with it regardless of the backlash. With Instagram, they certainly took comments on board.

It was clear Instagram had noticed TikTok’s rapid growth in popularity. The changes made replicated that of the video sharing platform. However, Instagram wasn’t the place for these changes. But, these changes have been reverted. Now, users have returned to the previous feed view. It shows Adam Mosseri takes users comments on board when making decisions.

That’s what we need from social media CEOs though. Taking their users wishes into consideration. After all, it’s the users that make their platform keep going. Without people using the platform, or companies adding their adverts, Instagram and other social sites wouldn’t exist. Good riddance to the 9:16 feed we say!

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