Is the TikTok shop safe to use, and should your brand be using it?

The TikTok shop has taken off since its arrival in the app. It’s extremely popular. With content creators being paid to promote items, and more and more businesses signing up to sell. However, there are a lot of users who worry it isn’t legit – so, is it?

Is the TikTok shop safe to use, and should your brand be using it? GIF of the online platform TikTok Shop.

What is the TikTok Shop?
Who can sell on TikTok’s Shop?
Is the TikTok Shop safe to use?
Why is everything on the TikTok Shop so cheap?

What is the TikTok Shop?

The TikTok Shop is a tab within the TikTok app where users can buy a variety of products. It began as mostly stores within China where TikTok originated and their parent company ByteDance is located. Now, stores from across the world are featured within the store.

Users aren’t made to leave the app to purchase items. They can browse, add to their basket and checkout at a time that suits them. Their items will remain in their basket until they have checked out, unless of course the company sells out.

You can buy almost anything through the TikTok store. From skincare, to pots and pans and car accessories. There’s something for everyone as there are so many stores within the one place. Each store is its own business, TikTok doesn’t own the stores.

Who can sell on TikTok’s Shop?

In theory, anyone can sell through TikTok’s Shop. Providing you have a legitimate business and products to sell, you can set up your own in-app shop. It makes it much easier to manage, and you won’t struggle to promote your store because everything is under one roof.

Businesses of all sizes have a store within TikTok. It’s handy and takes away the pressure of setting up your own website and trying to juggle managing a platform, while making orders and dispatching them. Many well known businesses are on TikTok.

When you browse through their shopfront, you’ll come across names you know. This is because bigger brands are optimising the market. Although they have websites, or even apps themselves, if they can promote and sell through TikTok – why not?

After all, people are often swayed into making purchases when seeing adverts or videos posted of these products. If they don’t have to leave the app to complete their purchase, they’re far more likely to buy. Everything’s made easy for them through TikTok.

Is the TikTok Shop safe to use?

There was a lot of speculation in the early stages of the feature. Many were saying they’d been scammed. Or they’d bought items that had never arrived. However, this seemed to be before big names started using the feature. It seems TikTok have become a little hotter on it.

Obviously, you can’t always be certain you’ll be protected on any platform. Where products are coming a long way, or example for the UK where TikTok’s Shop is extremely popular, if you’re buying from China, the products have a long way to travel.

Things can go wrong, items can go missing and importing items always comes with a risk. If you’re unsure of a product or company, it’s always recommended to check reviews before buying. See what others have to say about that brand.

If you’re buying from a brand you know, then not much can really go wrong. If your product doesn’t arrive, or does but is damaged then you can contact the company’s customer support who will resolve it. With companies that don’t respond to complaints, TikTok can get involved.

Why is everything on the TikTok Shop so cheap?

A lot of the items you can purchase through the TikTok shop are known for being much cheaper than if you bought them in local stores. However, there are many factors for this. Like with any discounted online store, you’ll often pay more for better quality.

TikTok stores run a lot of promotional deals. They reduce their prices drastically, so they can sell more products. The more they sell, the more profit they make so often reducing prices does work in their favour. If a product is cheap to make, it’s cheap to sell.

When thinking about the individual stores on TikTok that offer such reduced prices, think about other stores such as Shein, which offer many of the same items. Both are often much cheaper than independent shops, but their products are mass-produced.

Any store that hand makes items, or makes to order will have a higher price point. This is because they don’t have the products readily available, nor can they afford to. They need orders to be able to purchase the equipment needed to make their items.

If you’re ever uncertain, we’d recommend only purchasing from brands or stores you know of. Buying through TikTok will often get you a much better deal because businesses are battling each other to be the best value. They’re all under one roof.

It’s a safe place to shop, but like anything, you need to be careful. If you’re not convinced by a company, or its reviews, then don’t buy from there. You are protected purchasing online usually through your bank, but it’s not worth ever making a purchase if you’re unsure. sign up for free GIF
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